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Clt And Its Applicanility In Bangladesh

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Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and its Possibilities in Bangladesh

An English teacher plays an important role in teaching English at all levels. When he/she teaches English obviously he/she has to follow some methods. In 1970s educators and linguistics observed that though the goal most of the methods of language is to enable learners to communicate in it but the question is that whether the methods are meeting the expectations or not. The result was that though the students can communicate in the target language in classroom but they are unable to communicate in target language outside of classroom. It also been observed that the ability to communicate is more ...view middle of the document...

To do this students need knowledge4 of the linguistics forms, meanings, and functions. They need to know that many different forms can be used to perform a function and also that a single form can often serve a variety of functions. They must be able to choose from among these the most appropriate form, given the social context and the roles of the interlocutors. They must also be able to manage the process of negotiating meaning with their interlocutors. Communication is a process; knowledge of the forms of language is insufficient.
We may summarize the aims of CLT as-
• Students will learn to use language as a means of expression.
• Students will use language as a means of expressing values and judgments.
• Students will learn to express the functions that best meet their own communication needs.

Principles or Features of CLT
As the linguistics have observed learners behaviour, there are several important principles found out.
1. Whenever possible, ‘authentic language’- language as it is used in a real context- should be introduced.
2. Being able to figure out the speaker’s or writer’s intentions is part of being communicatively competent.
3. The target language is a vehicle for classroom communication, not just the object of study.
4. One function can have many different linguistics forms. Since the focus of the course is on real language use, a variety of linguistics forms are presented together. The emphasis is on the process of communication rather than just mastery of language forms.
5. Students should work with language at the discourse or suprasential level. They must learn those properties of language which bind the sentences together.
6. Games are important because they have certain features in common with real communicative events-there is a purpose to the exchange. Also, the speaker receives immediate feedback from the listener on whether or not he or she has successfully communicated. In this way they can negotiate meaning. Finally, having students work in small groups maximizes the amount of communicative practice they receive.
7. Students should be given an opportunity to express their ideas and opinions.
8. Errors are tolerated and seen as a natural outcome of the development of communication skills. Since this activity was working fluency, the teacher did not correct the student, but simply noted the error, which he will return to at a later point.
9. One of the teacher’s major responsibilities is to establish situations likely to promote communication.
10. Communicative interaction encourages cooperative relationships among students. It gives students an opportunity to work on negotiating meaning.
11. The social context of the communicative event is essential in giving meaning to the utterances.
12. Learning to use language forms appropriately is an important part of communicative competence.
13. The teacher acts as a facilitator in setti9ng up communicative...

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