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Cloud Services Essay

1552 words - 7 pages

Amazon’s and Google’s Cloud Services Compared
Zakaria Abuzeid
Machemia McGregor
Bernard Murrell
Lisa Thomas
Casaundra Woolridge

Keller School Of Management
Managerial Applications of Information Technology
Instructor: Marlyn Kingsley
November 30, 2011


“When you care enough to send the very best” is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Hallmark brand. Hallmark Cards, Inc. has remained the Goliath of the greeting card industry. Hallmark’s products also include paper party supplies, gifts and wrapping paper, ornaments and decorative items for the home, memory-keeping picture frames, albums and scrapbooks, electronic greeting cards and personalized ...view middle of the document...

Detail of services to be provided

Hallmark wants to establish a database of its current and future customers that will store their personal information such as: birthday, anniversary, graduations, etc.
Reaching the untapped market

During the first year: Hallmark can establish the database by having customers fill out the information cards either in the store, via mail, or the internet. The customer will list dates that they would like to be reminded of. Hallmark will send the customer a reminder notice of the selected information 30 to 45 days prior the date of date selected; this could be done via email or text. Then 15 to 30 days prior to the date a list of gift suggestions via email, with all contact information to make the arrangements or order the desired package.
Year two: Hallmark can work with current suppliers to develop a website that will have all of these resources together bundled in packages or single items to suit the customers’ needs and wants. The customer will be able to sign up for this free service. There is also a need to cultivate new suppliers to add to the offered goods and services.
The target market is the general public, businesses and corporations. The business division will focus on managers, supervisors, secretaries, and HR departments. Generally businesses provide a budget for employee’s yearly anniversaries and holiday parties.
Google Cloud Services

I am a Google fan - one who is amazed at Google’s grand vision for cloud computing! Interestingly, starting from the most fundamental layer of web, i.e., domain name system (DNS) look-up, to more sophisticated search and productivity apps, it has a significant presence everywhere. Ten years back, even savvy computer users would have found it difficult to believe that Google could offer such a wide array of efficient services to millions of consumers so cheaply, or, in some cases, even for free.
Below is a list and brief description of the Google Cloud Services that can be consumed by an individual, small office home office, or a micro business to achieve the desired efficiency in day to day activities. I am a consumer of most of the services mentioned here.
What exactly is Google's cloud?

The following paragraph from BusinessWeek magazine
“It's a network made of hundreds of thousands, or by some estimates 1 million, cheap servers, each not much more powerful than the PCs we have in our homes. It stores staggering amounts of data, including numerous copies of the World Wide Web. This makes search faster, helping ferret out answers to billions of queries in a fraction of a second. Unlike many traditional supercomputers, Google's system never ages. When its individual pieces die, usually after about three years, engineers pluck them out and replace them with new, faster boxes. This means the cloud regenerates as it grows, almost like a living thing.”

What are Google Cloud Services?

Apart from the extremely popular Google Search,...

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