Cloud Security Planning Essay

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Cloud Security Planning
Cloud systems as new online storage and computing systems provide great potentials to all businesses and organizations of creating new approach of storage and computing; cloud system guarantee that all your files and valuable data can be accessed and recovered from anywhere in the world, providing a new meaning of technology. Unfortunately and as to what happen with all emerging technologies there are new threats, risks, breaches, and problems arise with such technologies. They are considered challenges that vary from configuration problems to security breaches to harmful attacks; which may cost the company large losses and in some time financial disasters. ...view middle of the document...

Second, discover the possible breaches and weakness within the system chosen services. It will also practice the possibility of filling any gaps in the system while not affecting other parts of the system. Third, what IT Managers should do to alleviate security vulnerabilities and reduce their impacts on the company; such as data encryption, secure the platform and infrastructure, and so on? Fourth, how to protect the data while it on the movement or processing, which suggest encryption as the best possible method. Of course it will come with an extra cost so we will need to know what should be or shouldn’t be encrypted. Fifth, create a trust foundation starting from the platform and extended it through trusted roots. Sixth extend the trust circle through the cloud systems. Finally, choosing the right service provider; which will involve a series of tests and measurements?
In conclusion, with everyone today is talking about cloud systems and with a lot of major companies considering cloud to be the next step for their databanks; great risks are rising as well. So, with the potential threats and the outcome penalties that may arise from them. Those companies should consider a cloud security plans to prevent such threats. In our case study we create an approach to achieve the desired security goals, plus other recommendations to make it cost effective as well.

The Cloud, What is it?
The cloud computing and cloud storage is the magic word in today’s information technology communities and networks. We hear and read about cloud almost everywhere. Businesses, organizations, firms, and even personal applications are relying on cloud systems to be the next move in their growth, and the chain continues to grow, with expectation of the number of users to be doubled by 2014.
So, what is the cloud, where is it, why it is so important, and what we can expect from it? Well the answer is quite simple; cloud system is the ability of storing and accessing information, applications, and resources that stored on super computers which in turn located on the internet instead of using your own computer to store and access the same data and applications. So, what is considered new technology it is not quite new, actually cloud concept goes back to the day of the internet and networking in the early of the 60s. So, in order for us to use Cloud Computing we will need to store our data, applications, or programs and access them over the internet, The big idea here that you will have the flexibility of accessing these data from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, of course along with your security login credentials. So, the other part of the question is why it is important and why should I care about it? The answer to this part is; as individual as we already mentioned you will be able to access your data remotely from anywhere not having to worry that you had forgotten your thumb drive or to print important documents...

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