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Cloud Computing Security Architecture The Computing Model For Future James Alwyn Durai Xavier

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Cloud Computing Security Architecture The computing model for future
James Alwyn Durai Xavier1

Abstract—In the recent years there is an increasing interest among the researchers on security aspects of the cloud computing model. This is primarily because of the evolution of this new computational model, but mainly due to the advances in the technology which brings more threat and challenges to the society at large. In this paper we are proposing a three tier security model for a cloud service provider. This addresses the concerns of the small and medium enterprise (SME) organizations at the data layer, service layer and the network layer. We have also recommended the user organization ...view middle of the document...

When the Applications become more intensive in business, the programming logic becomes complex. Also there was a need for several applications to work with each other.
James Alwyn Durai.Xavier is with the MindTree Ltd. (MCC) TP2/2 , CyberVale, Mahindra World City SEZ, Kanchipuram District, Chennai – 603002, Tamilnadu, INDIA phone: +91 994 066 2430; fax:+91446749 7100; e-mail: ). .

In business, the applications have evolved over a period of time and hence every organization uses several applications which work with each other through interfaces and common integration platforms such as EAI. For example, the following are some key applications used in the Insurance Industry. 1) Sales support system: Used for managing the Agents details, 2) Customer Relationship Management System: Used for adding new customer, modifying their details such as address, policy payment schedule etc. 3) Policy Management system: Used for creating new insurance policy, validation of the policy details, data provided by the customer and approval of policy acceptance 4) Loan management system: Customers are eligible to take loan by pledging the policy document. This system is used for managing the loans 5) Policy Premium payment management system: used for reminding the premium payment, electronic fund transfer, online payment, cheque payment, etc. 6) Insurance Policy Settlement system: used to manage the part and final settlements These applications are working with each other. Each of the application is viewed as a layer of Hardware, Operating system etc. as shown in Figure A and described below

Fig 1.Business Application structure

A. Hardware/Network When applications are installed, the IT team of the user has a discussion with the application developer/owner to decide on the Hardware and Network sizing. The following inputs are required to finalize the hardware size. 1) Volume of Transaction accepted in the peak hours and in off-peak hours. 2) Volume of Reference Data. 3) Performance Requirement. How quickly the Application must respond. 4) Number of concurrent users 5) Number of users. 6) Preferred Hardware manufacturer (HP,IBM,DELL etc) 7. Data Resilience: Amount of history to be maintained (30 days,45 days etc.) 8. Roadmap on volume for the next year. Based upon the above input the application owner can recommend the hardware Configuration required for the application. B. Operating System The operating system may be chosen as per the Recommendation of the application owner/developer. 1. Sun Solaris-UNIX 2. IBM AIX-UNIX 3. HP UX-UNIX 4. MS Windows XP 5. MS Windows 7 In the case of COTS products, the ISV sells packages for every operating system, leaving the choice of operating system to the user. C. Software Tools Every application requires some software tools to run. For example if the system is developed in Java, JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is required. Depending upon the system, the developer will recommend specific...

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