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Cloud Computing And Globalization Essay

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Who haven’t heard about the cloud yet?
Whether you are a consumer or you belong to an enterprise of any size, you must have heard about the latest trend in Technology: The Cloud! Technology is affecting the lives of a huge percentage of the population. A change to the trends in this field introduces a new era of computing that affects almost all industries nowadays. One might say trends like social collaboration (affecting departments like marketing in companies), consumerisation of IT (the concept of “Bring Your Own Device” to work), and Big Data (data mining of business intelligence from collected data) are the latest trends in Information Technology. I would definitely have to argue that ...view middle of the document...

In other terms, IT transforms into a portfolio of services offered to consumers and enterprises, and accessed by a set of devices.
The role I play in this big picture, by working as a Service Delivery Manager for Microsoft, is ensuring that our Premier customers (leading enterprises) in the Gulf are on track to adopt the latest trends in Technology. I build a plan (three to ten years usually) for the customers to realize their long-term strategies by utilizing technology. I am currently managing a pool of resources, whether be it sales, pre-sales, technical specialists, architects, enterprise strategists, etc., to build the plan and deliver it for a pool of customers. I am responsible for the financial sector in the United Arab Emirates.
Another aspect of my job is contribution to the internal policies and procedures that govern the change of the delivery model. Since we are shifting to a new model where we will be managing the customers’ IT resources, we need to reflect that internally by changing our delivery model. My contribution is to build a structured Services Center to provide our customers with consistent updates and news on their managed environment, as part of a bigger initiative called the Innovation Center,...

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