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Close Study Essay

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In the need to appeal to readers, authors include distinctive features that encourage the audience to further explore and engage in the novel. The novel of Briar Rose composed by Jane Yolen, is explored through the use inclusion of features such as parallelism, analogies and an authors note.
Parallelism is used in the Novel to investigate the similarities between a traditional fairytale of "Sleeping Beauty" and it's relationship to the historical context of the Holocaust. To portray Gemma's real life experience and involvement in the Holocaust, Yolen uses the fairytale as an analogy to appeal to the readers and assist in a better interpretation and widens the audience's understanding. To ...view middle of the document...

An example of this parrallelism can be seen when Gemma is describing the 'bad fairy' in her story, she describes it as "...the one in black with the big black boots and silver eaglesn on her hat...", this is a direct lik to the Nazi's in World War II, which has given the reader a direct link to the past through the form of a story in the present.

Yolen makes use of a fairytale analogy to portray Gemma's real life experiences during the holocaust, this allows the reader to relate to Gemma's story through using common stories. Specific events in the novel allow the reader to make a connection between Gemma's story and the well known fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, this further encourages the reader as they can appreciate Gemma's story. A key event in both stories is the analogy of the "kiss of life" this is easily identified when Gemma is resuscitated after being found in a pit, this relates to the fairytale feature of the prince kissing the princess to wake her up. The fairy tale's bad fairy is identified with the Nazi SS soldiers of World War Two, this is also a crucial link between Sleeping Beauty and Gemma's like experiences during the Holocaust, " Not everyone will die. A few will just sleep. You, princess, will be one."
Father Stachu is also helpful in conveying Yolen's fairytale analogy as he shows the guilty feelings of those who witnessed the Holocaust in the town of...

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