Clock Work Orange Essay

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• a clock work orange
• the main character's are alex, peat, george and Dim
• the story starts off with Alex and his four friends beating on a poor elderly man the conflict in this is there is no longer order in the society in the movie " law and order is no more" then they beat the man close to death
• next Alex finds another gang about to preform the "old in out in out" another way of saying rape in the movie until they are interrupted by Alex and his gang the next thing is they start a massive fight almost killing the other gang as well as the old man
• after their fight they decide to play a game with a derango 95 called hogs of the road cutting people off and causing ...view middle of the document...

• alex is now sent to prison and has to spend 14 years while in prison alex volunteers to help at sunday service and starts reeding the bible but instead of just reading it he can picture him self as the head roman in charge of whipping jesus and nailing him to the cross so even in prison alex can not change.
• Alex hears of a new treatment that can get him out of prison and has a talk with the priest about it but the priest tells alex " goodness can only come from with in it has to be chosen"
• one day the doctors come to look for some one to try their new treatment on alex happens to be the only only one who speaks up and is chosen to try this new form of treatment
• his new form of treatment is to be forced to watch all types of violent films with his eyes forced open by tongs while some one puts drops of water in his eyes to keep them moist
• the films he was forced to watch was of all the things the things alex has done before but this time instead of enjoying the films they started to make him sick
• in the videos that he was being forced to watch they played the song he loved most and it was the 9th symphony 4th movement by beethoven and now he could not bear to hear it any more
• while in his new treatment alex come to a breaking point and says " its wrong what i've done is wrong because it is against society"
• to prove that he is cured he has to go through a demonstration to prove the treatment works to prove it another man comes out and starts making fun of alex then he hits him unable to hit or talk back alex gets sick from the violence that is happing to him then a very beautiful girl with no top on comes out on stage the first thought alex has is to give her the old in out in out but when she gets close enough to touch alex begins to get sick again
• After the demonstration the priest from the prison comes on stage and says " choice the boy has no choice only the fear of physical sickness " he also says he is unable of moral choice but the next day alex was a free man
• the first place alex goes is back home his parents at first are happy to see him but there is a another living in alex's room joe the other man insults alex...

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