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The following dialogue is a series of 10 questions asked by the clinician and answered by Marla.
Clinician: “Hello Marla, tell me what brought you to the mental health clinic?”
Marla: “Well, lately I’ve had trouble sleeping and performing my duties at work. I think it’s because I’ve been unable to concentrate and tend to feel jumpy all the time.”
Clinician: “I understand. Tell me how long you have been feeling like this, and explain what you mean by jumpy all the time, and trouble sleeping.”
Marla: “Well, I have been feeling this way for about four months now. I seem to be unable to concentrate on my work the way I used to, and I tend to become startled easily, and feel ...view middle of the document...

Was it challenging in any way?”
Marla: “Although I grew up in a rough neighborhood, my home life was pleasant. My parents were very loving and supportive. However, when I was 15, my father was shot and killed from random gunfire during a grocery store robbery. I was waiting in the car and saw it all happen. After that, my mother became the sole supporter of our family. She worked very hard, and helped to financially support me through college toward becoming an accountant.”
Clinician: “Tell me about your current social life. And, has it changed since your attack.”
Marla: “I think my social life has changed since my attack. Before the attack, I enjoyed going out and meeting new people. Since the attack, I find it difficult engage in social events which involve new people or new surroundings. And, when I do decide to go out, I do not enjoy myself like I used to. I guess I just do not find going out interesting anymore. Nowadays, I rarely see my friends, and prefer staying at home.”
Clinician: “Tell me what methods have...

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