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Clinical Interview Essay

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Interview: Ava Solomon-Mazzanti, Ph.D,
Palmetto Treatment Facility
Jennifer Mazzanti
Grand Canyon University

Palmetto Recovery Center is located in Rayville, Louisiana and has been featured on the television program Intervention on the A&E network. The main facility is located twenty miles west of Monroe, Louisiana on seventy acres on Lake Lafouche. There are eight cabins, where men and women are housed separately, along with a physical fitness center, and a pavilion used for education and lectures. The main lodge houses offices and examination rooms. Palmetto has recreational facilities for tennis, volleyball, and fishing. All information about ...view middle of the document...

During each Phase assignments are given to intensify the concept of the step being studied. Completion of steps four and five (Phase four) is mandatory for graduation from the program.
Evaluation and Program Information
Palmetto treatment facility’s purpose, as stated in their brochure and on their web page, is twofold: 1.To provide treatment that is effective and cost efficient, 2. To provide treatment for people of all walks of life, including a special program for impaired healthcare professionals. Palmetto provides treatment for alcohol and drug addiction through residential, day residential, and intensive outpatient programs.
The treatment approach at the Palmetto focuses on individual needs beginning with an accurate evaluation of patient’s symptoms and living situation. A medical examination is given to identify physical problems that may have resulted from substance abuse and to treat concurrent medical conditions. The next step in the evaluation process is a psychosocial and substance abuse examination in order to identify issues that must be addressed in treating the individual and their family. If indicated by a prior phase of the evaluation process, a psychiatric examination and psychological testing will be included in the evaluation process so that any concurrent psychiatric issues may be addressed. When all phases of the evaluation process are complete, an individual treatment plan is created for the patient based upon all information.
The determination of a need for detoxification services is done during the evaluation process. If these services are needed, the majority of patients can be provided these services in at Palmetto, unless the individual is determined to be medically unstable. In cases of medical instability, the individual is referred to a local hospital remaining under the care of Palmetto.
The treatment program at Palmetto utilizes group, individual, and family therapy sessions which facilitate constructive confrontation to face core issues of shame. In addition to therapy sessions, twelve step meetings are held daily and attendance is mandatory for patients. Medication is used in the treatment process if determined to be medically necessary by the attending physician. The environment at Palmetto encourages basic living skills, non addictive coping skills, recognition of character defects, and development of a not self-centered and spiritual approach to life. Each facet of the treatment program is designed to help the client learn what drives addiction and to manage their response to this drive. Self management is gained through education, cognitive restructuring, emotive therapy, and learning to be addiction free by relating to themselves and to others in a healthy way.
Daily meeting are held each morning by the multi-disciplinary staff members to evaluate progress and to update treatment plans. The goal of treatment at this facility is to give every client the...

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