Climb High And You See More

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Climb High and You See More
--A reflection on the course TRA 6115
When I decided to take the course Translation Processes and Methods, I thought I would been required to do a lot of translation practices just as what other translation courses back to undergraduate school asked me to do, only to gain more skills and techniques, to drown myself into the sea of translation, swimming hard and fast, without an awareness of the orientation and destination. Nevertheless, after four times of Baptism in this course, now I feel refreshed and able to stand in a higher place, to get a bird view of the sea, being oriented and determined. Yes, that is what this course means to me—new ideas, new perspectives of view about translation and a much broader horizontal. To be more specific, I list below three points of significance or gifts that this course bestows me with.

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But after the exposure to your philosophy of translation and your obligations and faith, I became determined again. Our life and dream must be meaningful. We must make a difference in the lifetime. If we just translate something for the sake of translation, just for the market, just for earning money and even for cheating others, we may find it painful and meaningless. And those who are called translators will not be respected and admired by other fellows. Therefore, this course inspired me to steadily stick to my dream.
2. Translation is about how to enjoy life and how to be a real person. Translation is a philosophy rather than some techniques and skills. The process of learning translating is actually the process of fully developing our personality and becoming a real person with meaningful dreams and fragrant personality. If we become a real person, we can be successful in all walks of life.
3. Last but not the least, this course helps me to shape a clear idea or concept about what is a good translation, which is very different from and even opposite to what I have learned in undergraduate translation studies. In most cases, being faithful is no longer the golden rule of being a good translation. The purpose of translation, the client’s goal and requirement, the target readership and its group specificity are all vital or important elements that affect the strategy choice in translation. Yes, being quite flexible, translation is a series of strategy choices. Different situations and elements mentioned above decide different strategies employed in the process of translation. Deciding where to go and what to achieve is the first step before we start rendering the first sentence.

So far, I think these are what this course means to me. I have got another picture of the word translation now, a word implied with more meanings. This course is like a helicopter, directly lifting me to a higher altitude. By climbing high, I can see more.

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