Climate Change And Protecting The Environment

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Protecting the Environment

It’s no secret our environment is changing at an alarming rate. Air and water pollution are higher than ever before. Deforestation has significantly affected the amount of oxygen on earth. This has caused a rise in temperature and our weather climates are becoming more unpredictable every day. Our future children, land, and resources are at serious risk. Action must be taken toward conserving the environment immediately.

Air pollution is one of the leading factors causing the deterioration of our planet. Not only 80% of all lung diseases are caused by air pollution, due to cars, busses and other vehicles, but 65% of deaths in Asia, and 25% of deaths in India are caused by air pollution alone. Pollution is not only affecting us, but every form of life on Earth. We can help ...view middle of the document...

Water pollution is also a major issue on our planet. Human litter causes 80% of water pollution. Islands of toxic trash are forming in the oceans, which not only destroy the climate, but marine life as well. Oil is also a major contributor to the destruction of our oceans, ruing shores, animal life, and creating toxic water consumption for all life forms. A plethora of diseases are also born because of water pollution. In third world countries, contaminated water leads to thousands of cases of illness and even death. We need to take action by properly disposing waste and recycling as much as possible.

Unpredictable climate change has resulted from the harm we have caused to the environment. Because of global warming, In the last decade, sea levels have risen more that twice as much as within the last century. The polar ice caps are also melting at rapid rates, causing sea levels to rise. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters are at their strongest peak as well. Weather predictions have never been more inaccurate. There is no denying the fact our climate is in serious trouble, and we must reduce amount of natural resources we are using up immediately.

If action toward protecting the environment isn’t taken soon, all forms of life as we know will be destroyed. There has never been a greater risk for our health, land, and future generations than now. It’s almost to late, and without immediate action from EVERYONE, we will not survive much longer. Don’t wait. The earth needs our help caring for the air we breath, water we drink, and land we live on. Make things better on Earth while there is still a chance for change. The time to act is NOW.


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