Climate Change And Its Effect On Bangladesh

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An assignment on Climate change and its effect on Bangladesh

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Secondly, the study aims to provide direction on how the potential effects of climate change and adaptation options can be factored into policy making.
Finally, this study illustrates how dealing with climate change could be incorporated in ongoing initiatives through analyzing development projects that may be sensitive to impacts of climate change and through proposing adaptation measures.
Bangladesh is, unfortunately, one of the few countries with the worst exposure to extreme weather conditions caused by global warming, due largely to worldwide excessive carbon emissions. As such, it is in dire need of financial and technological assistance to adapt to the changing climate
Bangladesh is highly vulnerable, because it is low-lying, located on the Bay of Bengal in the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna and densely populated. Its national economy strongly depends on agriculture and natural resources that are sensitive to climate change and sea level rise.
Impact of climate change:

Indeed, climate change and poverty are increasingly being addressed as twin challenges in the country's sustainable development. It is widely understood that the present development paradigm is no longer able to sustain human development. There is a need for change in the country's perspective for development and from that perspective, environment and development can both be seen as win-win goals.

Bangladesh, a densely populated delta nation, faces the potentially worst human displacement induced by climate change. It is the toughest challenge to accommodate millions -- not thousands -- whose future is poised to be swamped under a rising sea. Almost 1156 people huddle together on each square kilometer in a country whose population hit 162 million, making it one the most densely populated nation in the world. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a top United Nations (UN) scientific body, has estimated that more than 30 million people living along the Bangladesh's coastline would become refugees in the coming decades as a result of sea level rise.

As for Bangladesh, the country contributes very little to the global greenhouse gas emissions. According to the UNDP Human Development Report 2007-08, the total per capita CO2 emissions of Bangladesh in 2004 were 0.3 tones compared to 20.6 tones in the US. Bangladesh's share in the cumulative GHG emissions since the industrial revolution is close to nil. In contrast, the country is home to some of the poorest people of the world who are the least able to recover from manifold stresses caused by climate change, including more intense and more frequent cyclones, droughts, floods and changing conditions for agricultural production etc. In fact, the early effects of climate change can already be felt in the change in weather patterns and the impacts on the economy, human health, and socio-economic livelihood conditions in Bangladesh.

Compared to the enormity of the challenges Bangladesh...

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