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Client Server 2 Final Exam Study Guide

654 words - 3 pages

1. When you are finding a name for an IP Address, what would you call the process?
Name resolution

2. Windows Server 2008, what size network would it function in? (routing)
a smaller sized network

3. Which Windows had NAP (network access protection)?
Windows server 2008

4. IP address range
Class C

5. What is this format ?
dotted decimal format

6. As we move from IPv4 to IPv6, what is the most important thing focused on?
IP security

7. Each Host on your network has a what as a non-changeable function?
Routing Method

8. If you have a DHCP server, how would you obtain an ip address?
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“what domain controller is designated to replicate between sights” bridge head

24. What port does active directory use when getting global info?
Port 3268

25. What does global catalog info NOT contain?
Maintain backup of all data

26. FSMO roles, how many does active directory support?

27. What do you call thethe process of user identification?

29. In Active directory, there are 2 types of groups, what are they and which one has no security?
Distribution and Security; Distribution

30. Universal Groups span entire forests linking global groups.

31. What is the acronym for a system of digital certificates, certification registration/authorities? PK-1

32. What command line tool can be used by a user to keep privacy in-line?

33. Password cracking using intelligent guessing software is called what?
Dictionary attack



36. How are group policies applied to different containers? Linking

37. Security policies that allow you to cache files locally...

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