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Client Rec Paper

1134 words - 5 pages

Nichelle Langford
BSHS/322 Client Rec Paper: Retain, Refer, or Release
1 Dec 11 – 30 Jan 12

Case Study 1

Location: Family Support Services Center

Staff member: Tom Martin

* Demographics

* Age: 32
* Gender: Male
* Marital status: Divorced
* Race or ethnicity: Caucasian
* Years with agency: 4

* Staff member history and current assessment

* Employed as an individual counselor for adult clients
* Considered an adequate, but not outstanding, counselor
* Two previous client complaints that could not be substantiated
* A review of Tom’s previous case files shows four female clients who terminated ...view middle of the document...

She doesn’t need to change her techniques when she’s with a client. She just needs to learn how to better manage her time so she can her client case logs turned in on time. If she prefers working with children and not full families then change her job to just a child counselor.
Strategies: Change her job description so that she becomes a regular child counselor without having to deal with full families. The only thing she needs real help with is getting her client case logs in in a timely manner.

Case Study 3

Location: Family Support Services Center

Staff member: Michael Thompson
* Demographics

* Age: 44
* Gender: Male
* Marital Status: Married
* Race or ethnicity: African American
* Yeas with agency: 16

* Staff member history and current assessment

* Currently employed as a substance abuse counselor
* Recovering addict with 18 years of sobriety
* States that he is under a lot of stress at home concerning financial obligations
* Has a good work record, except for periods of repeated absence from work and periods of depression
* Has stated recently to coworkers that he is not sure he can relate to client’s addiction issues as well as he has in the past
* Staff concerned and suspicious that Michael may have suffered a relapse or is contemplating drug use
* Agency has an employee assistance program and policy

Recommendation: Release. He needs to be put on probation until he straightens himself out.
Strategies: Get him into a program to help him with his addiction and get him into therapy to deal with his depression.

In case study one, a client has reported that her clinician, Tom Martin, has been abusing his position as her therapist by making unwarranted and unwanted sexual comments toward her, has been giving her presents, and has been making her promises that he can’t necessarily keep by telling her that he could give her custody of her kids back with a favorable treatment chart. He was basically bribing her in order to get and “out of office date” with her. This is not the only complaint that was filed against Mr. Martin. Two other clients have filed complaints against him. Tom denies any inappropriate behavior toward the female client, but admits that he is...

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