Client Paper

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Client Paper
Cecil Rodgers
November 24, 2014
John West

Client Paper

Human service professional deal with individuals from different races and ethnic backgrounds that are dealing with problems in living. The range of problems facing human service clients today can be identified in five ways and they are; developmental and situational problems, hierarchical needs, needs created by societal change, and environmental influences. Different skills are used when working with clients to properly assist them so that problems in living are resolved.
Problems usually indicate something exists that is causing the client to experience trouble or discomfort (Woodside, 2011). Human ...view middle of the document...

You never know who to blame when situational problems come about but usually the client is seen as the victim. These problems happen for no reason and can happen at any time in your life. You’re just in the right place at the wrong time and the individual is usually responsible for their own problems. Behavior, customs, or traditions that are cultural are considered situational problems due to many differences amongst individuals. Violent crimes is also a situational problem that Americans experience every day. This situational problem can lead to individuals experiencing depression, anger, shame, and anxiety. One problem can create multiple problems thus making it harder for human services.
Then you have hierarchy needs which is a theory proposed by Abraham Maslow which used the terms physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization in a pyramid to describe basic the needs. These needs can range from needing food, financial security, and respect by others, to sexual intimacy, and problem solving. Problems such as these can impact an individual’s ability to address more serious issues because the basic needs are not met. These terms or levels of motivation that affect individuals can occur at any time in a individuals life but certain needs dominate the human organism and must be met in order to tackle the more serious problems. Having a place to rest your head and food to eat allows and individual to relax and leave whatever problems on the outside. Having these things helps human services tackle the serious problems because basic needs are met.
Society is constantly changing every day thus leaving individuals in tuff situations. Due to the everyday changes in society, it doesn’t only affect adults these days, they include children, individuals with diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse. Other individuals are victims of unemployment and changes in the job market. They are uneducated and are not trained or up to date to new technology, equipment and other changes in society. These individuals become isolated and feel left behind to social changes. These social changes have caused a lot of individuals to become homeless. “It is estimated that 671,000 people are homeless on any given night, and 1.2 to 2 million people experience homelessness during one year.”
Last you have environmental influences which are affected by the changes in society and can also lead to homelessness. “Homelessness is a temporary circumstance rather than a permanent condition. Individuals are becoming...

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