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Claude Monet Essay

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Monet shocked the world with his amazing ability to paint nature. He was a natural at it and was able to paint all four seasons as well as day and night scenes with ease. Examples of his work would be "Spring in Giverny" which is a spring painting, "Vetheuil in Summer" that is a painting of a summer landscape, and "The Magpie: Snow Effect" a picture winter with snow."Claude Monet has a special affection for nature that the human hand has dressed in a modern style" (Monet a Retrospective pg. 39) By examining Monet's work carefully you can see his natural talent for nature and that he had helped make modern art what it is today. In his ...view middle of the document...

They are paintings of ponds with water lilies, flowers, and other plants and vegetation in them."Some of Monet's most famous paintings are those of the many ponds, lakes, and rivers he painted. However, Monet is most proud of his many water lily paintings." (Monet a Retrospective pg. 173) Monet's water lilies were unique at the time because of their realism look in an impressionist time period. That, along with the amazing colors and techniques Monet used to create them, is what makes the paintings of the "Water Lilies" stand out from the rest. Because Monets first painting of the "Water Lilies" was so successful he went on and continued to paint many more paintings also titles "Water Lilies".Monet expressed his feelings by the usage of figures in his paintings. In "the Japanese Woman" you see a women dressed in Japanese clothing with a big smile on her face. That lets you know that the painter must be in a good mood in order to paint other people in happy moods as well."No gloomy thought ever grieves the spectator standing before the canvas of this powerful painter." (Monet a Retrospective pg 86) The figures in Monets paintings are unique in the fact that they are doing something that pleases them or that they are working happily. Monet was a great believe that if something on the canvas makes you fell happy inside, than you will enjoy the painting. If you do not like what you see on the canvas than you will not like the painting. Monet tried to please all of his fans by creating works of art that were enjoyable to look at.

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