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Classrooom Activities And Behaviors Essay

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Classroom Activities and Behaviors

Classroom setup can dramatically affect students' attitudes toward learning and their habits of learning. Students need an environment that is organized, stimulating, and comfortable in order to learn effectively. One way a teacher can create this type of learning environment is by creating learning centers throughout his or her classroom along with instructional areas. Take the physical features of your classroom into account when planning out what type of learning centers you want to have in your classroom. As the year progresses, you can add different kinds of learning centers to fit your classes. When sitting up your learning centers you not ...view middle of the document...

If a student decides to take a book back to his or her desk to read or to take home to read they must check the book out. There will be a sign-out sheet attached to a clipboard hanging on the wall at the reading center. There will be a pencil attached to the clipboard to for them to use also. To sign a book out the student must write their name, the book title and the date the book was signed out on the sheet. This will be away for me to keep up the books that belong in the classroom.
Another type of learning center that is valuable to all students and that is common in most classrooms now a day is a computer station. This area is for computer use in writing, math, reading, keyboard practice, research, and creative games. Most classrooms are not equipped with enough computers for each student to have his or her own. Even if you only have one or two computers in your classroom, they can still be used for independent work. Although it can be challenging to conduct activities at a computer station if you have only one computer in the classroom, there are strategies that can maximize student access. One option is to use the computer as a learning/research center, where students can access multimedia encyclopedias, the Internet, application software (such as spreadsheets and word processors) and learning games. A classroom with several computers will have computers available whenever the students need them.
I will not assign students computer. The students will be allowed to use the computer(s) once they have finished their class work and turned it for me to check. There will be a sign-in sheet by the each computer (if there is more than one computer). The students will be required sign-in at each computer. They will have to sign their first name the time they got on the computer. There will only be one student allowed at a time at each computer and they will only be allowed fifteen minutes on the computer at a time. While working on the computer the students will be required to wear headphones so as to not disrupt the other students. Once finished on the computer the students will be required the clean the headphones before the next student uses them.
The students at the computer will be able to select a free online math game from our class math page or they are sent to a computer that I have loaded with software that meets their needs. When sitting up a computer station you would want to sit it up away from the instructional areas. You also want to place the computers away from windows so to avoid the glare from the sun.
Not only is in-class activities important for students but so are out-of-class activities. Out-of-class activities include such things as recess and field trips. Recess is important because students need breaks during the day, probably more so than adults do. Sometimes the best way to improve a student’s performance in the classroom may be to take them out of it. Recess is a good...

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