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Classroom Management Beliefs Essay

644 words - 3 pages

Classroom Management Beliefs
Julie Sanchez
Grand Canyon University
EDU 536

Classroom Management Beliefs List

1.) How a teacher should act?
➢ A teacher should act with Professionalism at all times even when having fun
➢ A teacher needs to be compassionate to the diverse student population.
➢ A teacher needs to be composed during a crisis situation or when disruption takes place during their lesson.
➢ I believe just as the text that a teacher should act with Confidence because she will exude it to her students.

2.) How students are expected to behave
Students would be expected to be ready for class when they sit down at their desk.
Students would be expected to be compassionate and to the needs of their peers
Students would be expected to listen to others and not be disruptive or interrupt
Students would be expected to ...view middle of the document...

4. How the teacher helps students conduct themselves properly
a..) The teacher would make sure on the first day that she set up her classroom so that it was open and welcoming and have an activity that would help break the ice and calm the nerves
b.) The teacher on the first day of class would, with the students build a Class Rules List together so that everyone would be aware of expectations.
c.) The teacher, after building the class rules list together, she would go over and write out on a board what Teacher Class Rules and Expectations are.
d.) The teacher at a low level acts on disruptions so that students will learn how to properly conduct himself or herself, it is learn by example sometimes.

5.) What the teacher should do about misbehavior
a) Misbehavior should be dealt with on a low level as per our lecture notes, under Consequences, “Because misbehavior disrupts a class and should be dealt with at the lowest possible level, consequences should be in hierarchical in nature. Encouraging Academic Success Through Classroom Management”, 2010 Grand Canyon University.”
b) Misbehavior needs to be addressed at each instance and an age appropriate consequence or a first time warning, a visual chart works well with young children.
c) Consistency on the teachers part is key to controlling misbehavior, the moment students catch the teachers inconsistent correction on misbehavior they may act out more
d) Confidence is key in the teacher, they must feel that they truly control the classroom and that the rules are clear for each student to see and understand. Once again having class rules visually displayed and having had the students take part in the construction of the list will make them difference.

6.) How students should be taught what is expected of them
a.) From the first day of class, as a whole group, students and teacher need to develop the classroom rules so that together they will learn what is expected of everyone.
b.) It is key that the teacher is consistent with what they expect of the students and not stray from beliefs.
c.) For elementary students, I feel teachers need to remind students on a regular basis what is expected of them and give examples, visuals.
d.) I am a firm believer in LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

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