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Classroom Game Essay

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The Classroom game

Submitted to Mr. Heffernan
February 26, 2009

Plot summary of the game: Player is a high school student, and he needs to get into the university. However his marks do not qualify. Gladly he has a nerdy friend who can help him get good marks. How? By cheating. Every time the boys have a test, the player has to cheat off his nerdy friend. But teacher is not sleeping, so he has to watch out and not get caught. Closer to the end of the year, tests get harder and teacher becomes more nervous thus walking faster and turning around more frequently. Can player manage to get into university?

Main menu: the game begins with a main menu being opened. It has 3 ...view middle of the document...

The objective of the game is to walk over close to nerd, and cheat by holding left mouse button. The “Cheat Bar” on the right would start to fill up. When you are in the cheat zone, there would be a picture that it’s cheating zone, looks like a mouse meaning you may now click your mouse and cheat and it’s located in top right corner. You win the level by filling the whole bar and walking over to your seat. Player can’t be caught by the teacher if he’s not in her eyesight, or if he’s sitting at his seat. When cheat bar fills, a screen appears that says “You passed the test. Next Level” and by clicking on “Next level” a new map with a new scenario would load.

Also when the player sitting at his designated seat where he’s safe from the teacher getting him, an icon with thumbs up appears in top right corner. Within the classroom, there are desks and objects that player can’t move across and would have to walk around them. There are a couple of ways to lose: one is to get into teacher’s eyesight and second one is to bump into the teacher. So at all costs teacher should be avoided. If you lose a screen would come up saying “The teacher got you!” and there would be 2 options, one is to restart the level and another one is to go to the main menu. Every next level gets harder by teacher moving faster, her eyesight being bigger and more frequent turns. Also each level nerd would be in different sitting places.

Game Outcomes:
Win: Fill up bar completely and move back to seat
Lose: Get caught by teacher, bump into the teacher.

Controls: Arrow keys to move to a location and left mouse button to cheat when in the cheating area.

Players: This is only a single player strategy game. Only one person can control only one player at a time. There are different interactive bots within the game: Nerd and the teacher. Students in class are stationary and don’t play any role, except that the player can’t walk over them.

Making A Move

The movements in this game will be done by arrow keys. When the player executes any of these arrow keys the character will be move simultaneously until the arrow key is released. The speed of the character compared to the rotation of the teacher’s view will be slower. Therefore, it will be crucial to predict the teacher’s move beforehand. The possible movement area for the character will be along the sides of the desks. You cannot go over the desks, or over other students. The possible movement area for the game is as seen in Figure 1. You may not move vertically down or up from either left or right edges. You may move as much as you want and as long as you want in order to copy the exam. But however, once you are caught by the teacher, you will
[Figure 1] start from the beginning – cheat bar back to 0 and return to your previous seat.

The Rules

1. Player must start to move in order to win or lose.
2. Player must fully succeed in copying the exam (full cheat...

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