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Classification is the categorizing of organisms into categories based on evolutionary and structural relationships. Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish scientist during the 18th century classified plants and animals according to similarities and also form and structure. The purpose of this was to organize organisms into categories that could be named, remembered, and discussed. Carolus Linnaeus organized organisms from general to specific. The System of Classification is as follows: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. The kingdom is the broadest and the species is very specific. The scientist first believed that organisms were fixed and consistent, but he later realized that ...view middle of the document...

A disadvantage of this exoskeleton is that it cannot grow with the organism. The animal will shed its exoskeleton when it eventually grows too big for it and a new one will begin to grow.Phyla: AnnelidaWithin the phyla Annelida segmented worms, earth worms, leeches, and polycheates are found. Worms have soft bodies that are round in the cross section and are much longer than it is wide. The body of segmented words is divided into a series of repeated parts called metamerism. Each of these parts is called a metamere. Within each metamere there are clusters of nerve cells. This unique characteristic of segmentation allows the worm to be flexible and able to move well.Phyla: ChordataChordates consist of vertebrates like fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammal and invertebrates like tunicates and lancelets. Chordates have endoskeletons Chordates show five features in either their adult or larvae stages. Those stages are having a hollow nerve cord in the dorsal side of the body. They have a notochord, which is a flexible rod between the nerve cord and digestive tract. This serves as a backbone within the organism. Gill structures and jaw supports. Lastly, a post-anal tail. In addition, all chordates have segmented muscles.Phyla: CnidariaSea anemones, corals, hydra, and jelly fishes are the organisms that make up the Cnidaria phyla. They can be radially or bilaterally symmetrical. The bodies of cnidarians consist of two layers, endoderm and ectoderm, this is called diploblastic. The mesoglea is the layer in-between which binds the two other layers. Their mouths are represented by a single opening. This opening is surrounded by tentacles with stinging devices used for defense. These devices are called nematocysts. These tentacles help to catch in prey.Phyla: EchinodermataWithin this phyla sea stars, sea lilies, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and brittle stars are located. They begin life as a bilateral larva and eventually change to radical with five part symmetry. These organisms have no central brain and are either stationary or very slow moving. Their bodies are made out of hard, calcium-based plates, which are usually spiny and covered by a thick skin layer. In addition, these organisms have tube feet which are used to move, feed, breathe, and pry open shells of their prey.Phyla: MolluscaThe phyla mollusca consists of scallops, clams, oysters, snails, slugs, cuttlefish, squids and octopuses. They have well developed heads and flexible body walls, containing muscle tissue that surrounds the body cavity to protect the internal organs. The shells of these sea creatures are made up of an outer later containing tightly packed cells and an inner layer of plates of calcareous materials. Furthermore, they reproduce sexually. The fertilized egg develops into a swimming form, a trochophore larva.Phyla: PoriferaSponges make up the Porifera phyla. Porifera means "more bearers" in Latin. The surface of sponges is covered by a skin one cell thick. On this...

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