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Classification And Evolution Of Life Part

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1.You are a geneticist working for a firm that specializes in plant biotechnology. Explain what specific parts (fruit, seeds, stems, roots, etc.) of the following plants you would try to alter by genetic engineering, what changes you would try to make, and why, on corn, tomatoes, wheat and avocados2.Only a few hundred of the hundreds of thousands of species in the plant kingdom have been domesticated for human use. One example is the almond. The domestic almond is nutritious and harmless, but its wild precursor can cause cyanide poisoning. The oak makes potentially nutritious seeds (acorns) that contain very bitter-tasting tannins. If we could breed the tannin out of acorns, they might become a delicacy. Why do you suppose we have failed to domesticate oaks?While increased ...view middle of the document...

Insecticidal crops contain genes of the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). These genes cause the plants to produce a chemical toxic to the European corn borer, the cotton bollworm, and other caterpillars.a) Corn. I would develop a way that when the corn is cook, it would be to cut of off the cob. Also have the husk a little bit firmer to prevent fungus from growing from within.b) Tomatoes: I would block the natural gene that degrades the material in the tomato's cell wall which gives the tomato its firm quality so that the tomato would have a longer shelf lifec) Wheat: Genetically alter the taste of it so that it does not taste like cardboard from the seed leveld) Avocados: I know that they can grow to be fuller and larger than the one from in the United States of American. I would do some research to find out the differences between the ones that grow in the Caribbean and the ones that are grown/distributed in the United States. Once that information is obtain, change the American fruit's coding to have the same full look, so when the price says $2.00 or more, you can see what you are paying for.All important modern crops were domesticated by 2000 years ago. A few minor additions were made in Medieval times like strawberries, by monks and in modern times the blueberry, macadamia nuts and kiwi fruit. Some valuable wild plants have never been domesticated. Why the almond and not the oak? Both have bitter nuts that were important foods for humans who would grind them up and leach out the bitter or toxic chemicals. Both have rare mutant sweet nut trees. But the almond bears fruit in three to four years and the toxicity is controlled by a single dominant gene making it easier to breed out. Oaks do not bear fruit for over ten years and the toxicity or bitterness is controlled by many genes making it genetically difficult to get rid of.

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