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Classical And Neoclassical Essay

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Classical and Neoclassical
The classical art period is thought of as a time which expressed itself in architecture, art, music and literature. (Miriam-Webster, 2015) The ancient Greek and Roman cultures embraced order and predictability. During the 15th and 16th centuries classicism spread throughout Europe in many forms, depicting rigorous discipline and training. This art period even promoted the formation of schools of art and music. The Neoclassic art movement began in Europe during the late 1700’s and continued until the early 1800’s. This movement’s goal was to revive ancient Greek and Roman or Classic style in European art. The Neoclassical style highlighted tradition, ...view middle of the document...

They then commissioned neoclassical artists to create works of art that resembled inspirational times from Roman history and the classical art from that time.

There are many famous works of art that are classified classicism. Many of the sculptures that were created by Michelangelo depicted strength and order as well as the historical depictions of the Greek Gods located on the Parthenon. One of the most famous neoclassical works was by a painter names Jacques-Louis David. He painted the Oath of Horatii which depicts legendary triplets from Rome who fought triples from Alba Longa in order to end the war between the two cities. (Britannica, 2105) The art depicts the strengths shown in early classical art of order, predictability and strength. This neoclassic style emulates the styles seen by classical artists like; Jean Clouet and Enguerrand Quarton. Quarton is known for religious paintings depicting historical moments in time. His most famous would be the Coronation of the Virgin painted in 1454. Like many of the classic artists of his time, Quarton painted images of strong individuals who overcome many hardships. (Quazoo, 2015)

In the 1790’s, Napoleon rose to power in France. He greatly changed the direction of the neoclassic movement. His instruction was to shift the subject matter from ancient Roman history to modern day subjects. He commissioned several artists to paint him as a national...

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