Classic Airlines Marketing Solutions Essay

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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
Donna Tucker
MKT 571
May 31, 2012
Ben McCollum

Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
This marketing solution for Classic Airlines is a reference tool to aide in forming solutions for the organizational issues currently existing. Customer satisfaction is waning and needs to be addressed to reverse declining sales and profit. The marketing solution will contain the nine step problem solving model to build sales and profits by way of attracting new customers and retaining repeat customers.
The Nine Step Problem Solving Model
The nine step problem solving model explains the situation or scenario and provides the framework in which to recognize the ...view middle of the document...

The phone and computer program should be made more customer and employee friendly. Everything relating to the customer is to be reevaluated with the customer’s satisfaction in mind.
Describe end state and goals
Word of mouth goes a long way toward gaining new customers. So if the airline treats repeat customers right they will advertise for the airline. Customer feedback surveys will be monitored and acknowledged. Training modules will prove scenarios on improving customer service. The goal is to create an environment where employees are trained in areas to better please the customer, and employees feel their valuable. Customers should feel they are the important factor and the airline is striving to meet their needs.
Identify and assess risks
One risk is dissention in the transition of change. Employees get set in their ways and do not often accept change well. The change could leave openings for fresh employees coming in to train from the beginning.
“The customer service program must prove consumer desirability and delivery criteria. Be relevant and feasible to target consumers and actually be attainable. The program must show distinctiveness and communicability. The customer should see both distinctiveness and superiority, and that the airline can deliver the desired benefits. The plan should also be believable and sustainable and must be preemptive, defensible, and difficult to attack. ( Kolter & Keller, 2007)”
Evaluate alternatives
Creating roadmaps and charts of what the company wants to accomplish, where, and when can help keep the airline on track. The airline will continue to follow up on market mix resources to further market strategies.
Identify alternatives
Other strategies include discounting airfare which includes cutting back...

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