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Classic Airline Marketing Solution Essay

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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
Shelley R. Brothers
MKT/571 Marketing
University of Phoenix

This paper will break down the problems that Classic Airlines are facing with so many pitfalls

in their airline. With using the proper product launch plan, Classic Airlines ...view middle of the document...

Marketing research is the systematic

design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific

marketing situation facing the company (Kotler & Keller, 2007, p. 42).

Classic Airlines must be evaluated to find solutions for their marketing problems and their

customers. In order to find solutions Classic Airlines problems, the six steps for effective

marketing will be used. The six steps consist of the following: 1-Define the Problem, the

Decision Alternatives, and the Research Objectives; 2-Develop the Research Plan; 3-Collect the

Information; 4-Analyze the Information; 5-Present the Findings; 6-Make the Decision (Kotler &

Keller, 2007, p. 44)

Define the Problem, the Decision Alternatives, and the Research Objectives

Classic Airlines share prices have plunged 10 percent due to negative publicity; the airlines

have also taken a 19 percent plunge in the number of Classic Rewards members and a 21 percent

plunge in the members who chose to continue to fly with Classic Airlines; and the 9/11 tragedy

that shook the United States (U.S.) and plagued the airlines caused a decline in air travel (Classic

Airlines Scenario, 2010). As time went on and things settled down in the U.S., airlines were

competing for business. During this time, there was a rise in fuel and labor cost, which restricted

Classic Airlines from competing with other airlines for appreciated frequent flyer (Classic

Airlines Scenario, 2010). Classic Airlines which the decline has now risen, rising fuel and labor

cost has restricted Classic Airlines ability has restricted their competition ability with other

airlines for the frequent flyer program. Classic Airlines no longer have a connection with their

customers because of a lack of “service elements, operations procedures, or marketing programs”

(Classic Airlines Scenario, 2010). Customers request certain services from the airlines but they

are not able to provide them with their request. It is not due to Classic Airlines not having the

tools to provide the services; it’s just that they need to put the tools to work. Classic Airlines has

got to let their customers know that their wants and needs are important to them and that they

will do whatever it takes to reassure them they are first. Classic Airlines currently has the top of

the line customer relationship management (CRM) platform system but does not utilize it

properly. When the CRM platform system was originally setup, it was set up to cut cost by

getting rid of customer service representatives. The CRM not only got rid of customer service

representatives but it could not link together the web and phone channels. If Classic Airlines

wishes to remain competitive in the airline industry, they must determine how to best make use
of their CRM to keep their current customers satisfied and to lure in new...

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