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Class Or Mass Essay

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Neptune Gourmet Seafood has three options to deal with its excess inventory problems:-
Collaboration with pharmaceutical company
Sell some old ships and launch ready-to-eat, fish-based meals
Launch existing product in new geographic region
Donation of excess inventory

Collaboration of Neptune with a pharmaceutical company proves to be an opportunistic move as it creates a win-win situation for both the companies where in Neptune would be diverting its excess inventory to the pharmaceutical company and the company will be assured of regular supply of fishes for the manufacturing of medicines and health products (cod liver oil based products). The eminence that this option carries is both companies gain mutual benefit of expanding the business as well as widening their networks. Since it is a long term strategy it contributes in strengthening the brand image and good will of both the companies. Collaboration seems to be a slow pace ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, if the response to the processed products is negative, it may harm the company image and revenues. The most attractive point here is, Neptune would venture into new areas of production and keep its brand image intact. However the least attractive point is, the capital investments may not generate enough returns if the product fails to meet the sales objectives set by the firm.
In this way Neptune will increase its area under operation which in turn would increase its market share and revenue. By adding more customers to its base Neptune would consolidate its position as one of the largest upmarket players in the national level. However launching a brand in a new geographic area is expensive and it would take some time to build up a loyal customer base. As a result Neptune would not be able to get enough returns. The most attractive point is that the move would strengthen Neptune’s position as one of the largest players in the market. On the other hand the least attractive point is, it requires heavy advertising costs to establish brands in new geographic areas and keep them in public eye.
Donation provides a better image for the product and the company. Under internal revenue service, section 170, companies that donate excess inventory can claim an enhanced deduction, up to twice the cost of those items, on their taxes. Therefore this results in good amount of tax deduction but this may also result in probable loss in revenues.
The specific information that would be most useful to have before choosing one of the three options, Is the rising demand for medicines manufactured from the extracts of fishes. We can obtain this information by doing a market survey for the above, i.e., by analysing the sales of the firms who are already in this segment, by referring online business directories.
The most preferable option among the three options would be collaboration with the pharmaceutical company. As a result of this Neptune would enter into new market categories thereby consolidating its position. This move will boost the growth of the company and also strengthen the brand image as well. Finally with increased revenues the stock price of the firm would rise assuming that the product is a success.

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