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“Class, Distinction And Style Critique Essay

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“Class, distinction and style” is an article abstracted from a book titled “The Fashion Body” authored by Joanne Entwistle, currently a Professor of Sociology in the University of Essex. She has been renowned for publishing topics widely on fashion, body and gender. This book is written from a sociological and historical perspective. Meant mainly for students, researcher and academics that have a vested interest in the role of fashion and style that affects modern culture and how modern social identities is formed through expression of the body, gender and sexuality.
In the past, one is able to distinguish the upper class and working class individuals by merely observing their clothing. ...view middle of the document...

Beginners may also spend the extra effort looking up definition on certain jargons which she uses in this article.
The diminishing effect (Entwistle, 2005) between class identities and fashion clothing which she argues may be true however I feel that there could be an alternate view on how fashion is being perceived today’s society and the fashion has evolved and expanded. Instead of running along class lines, fashion has expanded to included styles from Mod, Rockers or Skinheads which are a subset of class culture being more localised. As she mentioned that subcultures with their distinctive style have become a source of inspiration to fashion and included a comment cited from Polhemus which states that sub cultural styles are ‘bubbling up’ from street to designer rather than the inverse.
Although her claims that fashion style have extended to an ever greater amount of people in society than ever before and the democracy of clothing were use to support her argument. I still felt that she failed to present the study of fashion trends which might leave readers the incapacity to identify patterns or have a clearer picture on how fashion progresses. Lacking survey results and testimonials from distinguish authority on this phenomenon. This might leaves us questioning the strength of her claim she posted.
Despite the article flaws, she provided good explanation on how behaviours and themes are closely associated with subculture fashion style and their identities. Several examples such as teddy boys who associated themselves with themes such as excess and violence or motorbike rockers who associated themes such as masculinity and toughness were presented in detail. She offered a simplified way on understanding sub cultural style by breaking it down into three aspects such as costume,...

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