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Class Concert Essay

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Class Concert
While observing and listening to the incredible concert given by Jin Hee Kim and Dr. Millican, I could not help but be amazed by the never-ending talent that was displayed. Through each movement of every song I was impressed till the very end. I have always been attracted to the sound of the violin and even took lessons a couple of times. It was then that I realized that playing the violin was like a sport and it was not easy. I decided to leave it up to the professionals, like Jin Hee Kim. By the end of the concert I gained more respect for the violin and the beautiful sounds that entail.
Throughout the concert I picked up on the fact that there were a lot of ...view middle of the document...

Even though there were a lot of variations of tempo, my observations found that most of the song was in the tempo of presto. In the second movement, the piece started out as adagio and andante.
In the second piece of Tango, Song and Dance, there were also different tempos. In the first movement, it was allegretto for much of the piece. During the second movement, the tempo was adagio. The third movement’s tempo was definitely quicker than the first two.
The next component that I noticed was the timbre of the pieces. The timbre is the individual sound qualities of any instrument. This is what makes the sound distinct. I really noticed this through all of the pieces. Each piece had a lot of color to add to the sound. I noticed it a lot during Tango, Song and Dance. The violinist produced a lot of timbre and the distinct sounds were incredible. When I noticed the piano and violin, it was a compound timbre. Both of those instruments at once created very unique sounds. Overall, I picked up the most timbre during the first movement of the first piece. I think this is because the concert had just started and I was hearing everything at once for the first time.
The last component that I noticed throughout the pieces was the dynamic nuance. During the entire concert I was able to hear very subtle and slight differences in the rhythm. During both pieces I recognized there to be slight...

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