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Cja384 Ethics In Criminal Justice Essay

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Ethics in Criminal Justice

Law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and professionals within the criminal justice profession.

5 areas of ethical conduct:
1. Proper use of professional and ethical authority
It is common for criminal justice professionals to act beyond the limits of their authority. Proper training to help officers learn to control their actions and to uphold their reputation will reflect positively on the agency.
2. Racial Discrimination
Both fellow employees and the community are affected by discrimination in law enforcement. Treating all individuals fairly and ethically will show proper professional behavior, and help them be a positive role model for the criminal justice system.
3. Bribes
Unethical behavior included the acceptance of gifts for bribes from the community, agencies, criminals, or fellow co-workers in return for ...view middle of the document...

Many officers resort to unnecessary use of violence, when there are less physical options that could lead to a positive resolution to the situation. Knowing how to approach each situation and to prepare for the unexpected will allow for officers to know when to use the proper amount of force, and what other options they may have. The use of excessive for is an abuse of power, and shows a lack of respect or consideration for the treatment of others.

Ethics in criminal justice are the moral principles of professionals and what actions are considered to be right or wrong. Without ethics in law enforcement there would not be any regulations to professional behavior. Law enforcement officers are responsible to protect and serve the community, and this is how they should be viewed by society. Society and the criminal justice system are weakened by unethical behavior and acts of misconduct by law enforcement officers. Good ethics, profession behavior, and job satisfaction will be the result of critical thinking by law enforcement.
Training in ethics and rational behavior will provide officers with the knowledge to identify dilemmas or ethical problems and give the ability to properly address these issues.
Benefits of Training (officers/community)
A clear understanding of the ethical expectations of law enforcement officers will help the criminal justice system run smoothly because the responsibilities of officers will be known. There are serious conflicts and stressful scenarios that officers face in the criminal justice profession and a code of ethics will show them how to handle themselves in these scenarios. Law enforcement training in ethical conduct can help officers do their jobs professionally and show the community they are doing their jobs ethically and with professional behavior
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