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Cja Week 2 Essay

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Case Study: Captain Edith Strong

Managing Criminal Justice Personnel CJA/474

Case Study: Captain Edith Strong

In recognition of law enforcement and the task that men and women adhere to it is important

from every levels of the police department to succeed in inspiring and uplifting morale in the

department the mission is crucial. The case study of Captain Edith Strong accentuates that the patrol

officers are less than satisfied with the division and workload. Problems evident are; the job itself is no

longer satisfying, the response times are long, low morale, citizens complaints are increasing, rapid

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What Specific Motivational Strategies Would You Recommend That She Consider?

Motivational Strategies the student would recommend captain strong consider for effectiveness

after reviewing the problems is to allow the patrol officers to reciprocal their relationship when on duty

which would reduce the pressures of an excessive amount of service calls. In law enforcement

communication is the key to any uniformed organization. Corresponding of service calls between

officers through each shift allows the captain to help piece crime together.

Appropriate staffing levels would allow officers to ride double instead of alone. This would give

officers a balance of dividing the workload. Two man units give rapport among friends and loyalty

with two officers working side by side. These changes adhere to increasing appreciation of one another

and motivational growth that the department would be spoken of in a higher manner.

Would E.R.G. Theory Be Applicable In This Instance? Why Or Why Not? Give Several
Concrete Examples.

The student believe that E.R.G. would be applicable in this situation. In this case study it is

important to interact among officers as Captain Strong believes there should only be one officer at a

time in a restaurant. A complaint between officers is working by themselves instead of working

as a unity. The officers needs are of the greater achievement of existence, his or her behaviors, and a

closer connection. Captain Strong has to identify the needs of officers to maintain satisfaction within

the department.

According to the theory E.R.G. The focus of incompatibility of needs one at a time can

boost motivation for the officers. Officers needs not meet can in turn be satisfied through lower-

level needs (ERG Theory, 2012). The consequences influence motivation but if lost it would leave

officer frustration and unable to find his or her way back. The problems...

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