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Cja 384 Week 2 Dqs Essay

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This archive file of CJA 354 Week 5 Final Exam consists of the next questions:

1) That which is laid down, ordained, or established...a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having a binding legal force?

2) What are the unwritten rules that underlie and are inherent in the fabric of our society?

3) Which of these crimes is male prohibita?

4) The least serious crime is a(n):

5) ________ is the legal principal that requires that courts be bound by their own earlier decisions and by those of higher ...view middle of the document...

9) The basic parts or components of a crime are referred to as the ________ of the crime:

10) In the criminal law, ________ is considered behavior and the accompanying mental state.

11) The Latin term for "guilty act" is:

12) The Model Penal Code outline four ________: purposely, knowingly, reckless, and negligent.

13) Ray insults Bob. Bob then beats Ray up to get revenge. Bob's action is:

14) Knowing behavior is action undertaken with:

15) The term scienter signifies a defendant's:

16) ________ is not an essential element of a crime.

17) When Bob gets in his car in the morning, he checks his taillights and sees that they both work. Two hours later, he is pulled over and given a ticket for the taillight that just burned out. Bob has committed a(n) ________ offense.

18) Bob commits a burglary to get money to buy drugs. Getting money to buy drugs is Bob's:

19) ________ is the simultaneous coexistence of an act in violation of the

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