Cja 354 Week 2 Dq Essay

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This archive file comprises CJA 343 Week 5 Individual Assignment Victims and Crime Evaluation
General Questions - General General Questions
Criminal Legislation Paper:

·  As a team, conduct a team discussion about the elements of the assignment.  All team members must comment on ALL 9 laws as these comments will appear in the paper itself. 

·  First, draft three criminallaws that currently do not exist (think outside the box here).

·  Make sure your legislation includes elements of the offense, including the intent necessary to be ...view middle of the document...

  Include team member comments.

·  Third, propose three crimes you believe must be modified. Include a brief summary of the law/penal codes (with citation to that law) and your suggestions for modification. Include your reasons. Include team member comments.

·  Format your paper according to APA standards (level headings required also).  2,000-2,500 words minimum.

·  Include your individual team member comments from your team discussion in the paper so I know by reading the paper, who thinks what.  You may do this by directly quoting from the discussing and/or paraphrasing team member comments from discussion in your forum.

·  Resources to Start your Search: Penal codes at http://www.findlaw.com and dumb laws at http://www.dumblaws.com/

Each team member must write a substantive portion of the final team paper (ie, editing the final draft or writing the introduction and conclusion will NOT earn full poi

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