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Cja 304 Technology And Communication Paper

810 words - 4 pages

Technology and Communication
Michael Cruz
CJA 304
August 6, 2013

Technology and Communication
The criminal justice system, law enforcement agencies, and support entities of these departments rely heavily on today’s technology and communication capabilities. Specialized databases have a negative and positive impact to the criminal justice arena. Two very popular systems being used in today in law enforcement are Iris Scanning and Mobile Data Terminals (MDT). Iris scanning is a rapidly advancing technology being deployed in law enforcement, military surveillance, immigration enforcement, retail shopping, and prison release programs (Privacy SOS Sunlight on Surveillance, 2011). Most ...view middle of the document...

A photograph of an iris can be taken up to six feet away with a digital camera. The results of the scan are then uploaded to a database. The Department of Justice currently maintains the largest collection of facial images with approximately 75 million entries (Privacy SOS Sunlight on Surveillance, 2011).
As with any technology and the positives impacts we benefit from, there are always negative issues that arise. Software in these systems are constantly being improved and updated. This means training for all those using the systems on a constant basis. The training aspect can be viewed as negative as it takes away time from the field, productivity in their daily duties, and manpower hours. The cost of implementing these technologies is a great concern. The cost will include the hardware, software, training personnel, maintenance, and insurance on the system. MDT’s use GPS satellites and it is not always a guarantee the reception will be strong and service could be interrupted or lost. Another negative issue with both of these systems, is misconduct from an officer. These systems hold valuable information and privacy rights will be violated which would be costly for a department.
The positive impacts of these two systems provide such great resources and capabilities to an officer in the field, it is hard to choose just one system. If cost is not a factor, then I would choose the MDT to have as a tool for my officers. As technology improves and becomes more advanced, the MDT feature has no...

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