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Cj And This Rooler Coaster Essay

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Christopher McDuffie

My experience all started about a month ago. My sister and I decided to go to an amusement park called kings dominion. Let me remind you that it has been about 2 years since I have visited. Not to mention I hadn’t ridden a rollercoaster in over 2 years also. So the whole night before I was thinking how much fun it would be and how scared It was actually going to be.
So I tried to prepare my mind so that when the time came I would remain calm. When I woke up I was fine. The nerves started ...view middle of the document...

And as soon as the thought left my head, she asked. I was so stunned that my stomach just dropped and at that point I the most nervous than before.
In my head I wanted to tell her no!, but I knew that if I came this far I had to go. And god knows the names and laughing she would call me because I said no. so I went along with it and said why not. The worst part is the waiting in line.
First off the lines are supper long. Second off it was scorching out. And lastly the nervousness really sets in when you can hear other people yelling due to how fast and high the roller coaster is. On top of that its just a waiting game because you know that at any minute your time Is next it just a matter of when. So finally the time came for me to get on.
However, I kept seeing little kids get off and I knew that if they had fun riding, then it shouldn’t be a problem for me. So we walked to our seats and I slowly sat down! I was shaking so bad I knew people could tell. However I tried to hold it together and keep it cool. Then the lady came and checked everybody’s chair.
Then before I knew it we were clicking up the track. But at this point I knew that there was no turning back. So I closed my eyes and held on tight. The first drop was the worst. It felt like your stomach was coming out of my throat.
I was so glad it was over, but at the same time I wanted to keep riding over and over again. So I asked the staff if there are open seats after you finish can we continue to keep riding, and they told me yes. So now every time go I ride everything at least 3 times. And I’m glad that my sister kind of forced me into it because I would have never been able to face that fear.

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