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Civilization Essay

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Suzette Wright
World Civilization II
Jill Walsh
July 14, 2013

The role of women in today’s society has changed significantly from the modern age. There will always be different traits of each gender that can’t be duplicated by the opposite gender. Many families have tried to make the responsibility roles more equal amongst the adult male and female in the house hold. In today’s society the women is still treated un equal, less human rights than a man and the American culture still tends to believe that a women can’t do a job that a man can.
In the modern age, the women were expected to raise the children, keep the house cleaned and have dinner ready when the man ...view middle of the document...

In the modern age, these jobs are meant to be for a masculine individual and women did not carry this characteristic. Women were defined to be sensitive by the culture and had no place to be out in the work field to help out financially. It was a slow, but steady pace and women started to get accepted into the job they had an interest in. If a woman is interested in a job and meets the qualifications that the employer requires, she should be considered eligible for that job. Women should be allowed to do whatever they desire in their heart, just like any man does. Studies show that by the 1900’s about 5.09 million women were able to successful help their spouse financial and work out side of the home (Human Rights 2008). Even though we are seeing more and more women succeeding in life than men, I feel both should be treated equally. Women began working in factories, offices and knitting socks for the soldiers if they were not volunteering their self to help out. Often times a woman will have a difficult time advancing to the highest position within a company because she is a female. When the woman began to volunteer it allowed the supervisors to see what the capabilities were that they had in the diverse fields. In the United States the women got one of the first tastes in the working world during the World War II. The women would go to their job on a regular daily basis and the men went to war. The women would then return to their homes after the war and be able to take care of their families and their house as they were expected to do.
After a day of working the mother would have to go home to attend to the house work, making dinner, and attending to the children. This was like a “second-shift” to some moms. They would come home from the professional world, only to spend just as much time cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children. They can’t afford to sit down and relax for some time after working because of the other things that needed to be taking care of. It became very hectic for women, as the burden on them increased disproportionately and the men began to help out a little bit. Women are bearing the brunt and suffering mental hardship in trying to manage a home and pursuing their careers.
It has been a traditional thing that the man works outside of the home and he serves as the sole bread winner for his family. The men can have some of the most powerful jobs in society, such as doctors or lawyers. The male finds the need to have a good occupation so he can support his family by making a good income. The female can also experience some difficult times because she has to try and manage some challenging tasks. In 1997, 30% of households were headed by women and no longer than male like it used to be (E U 2009). It seems to be unfair, but a woman may have to accept to make a lesser wage than a man and they both maybe doing the exact same occupation.
While the mother is out either in the work field...

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