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Civil War Reconstruction Essay

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Success and Failure of Reconstruction

America had just endured the bloodiest war of its history. The American Civil War ended and the country had many problems to fix. Following the blood bath president Abraham Lincoln had many choices to make about how to fix our broken country. Due to his assassination his plan was never able to flower. With the sound of John Wilkes Booths deadly gunshot it sent the country backwards. It began an arduous process of piecing together a wounded nation, everyone had an opinion and no one knew which one was right. Reconstruction began and it was not easy but our country survived and grew together. During the time of reconstruction there many highs and some ...view middle of the document...

They felt like he was a traitor to the cause because of his actions before the civil war. He won there confidence back with his actions in office. He made new enemies in the Radical Republicans. His fight with the Radical Republicans got so bad that he was almost impeached. On the record the reason for his impeachment was that he violated the Tenure of Office Act, but off the record congress disagreed with his plans for reconstruction. He was impeached by the House but the Senate was a few votes from getting him out of office.
Johnson did a good job winning back friends in the South, he pardoned all who take an oath of allegiance, as he tried to build back each southern state. Once 10% of the male population took the oath the country could be allowed back into the Union. He left the issue of black suffrage up to the states, which was his downfall with the Radical Republicans. The Radical Republicans felt that the Southern Men should be punished and that the rights of freed slaves should be protected. The southern states began to pass legislation known as the “Black Codes”. These codes kept the blacks from gaining equal rights. Johnson vetoed the original Civil Rights Act of 1866, but it passed anyways and this was the Radical Republicans rebuttal for the Black Codes. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 said that it would give freed black men full legal equality. Johnson again vetoed another act of legislature put up by the Radical Republicans. This legislature was the Reconstruction act of 1867 which would divide the South into 5 military districts. This upset many of the white southerners. This action led to race riots. Another part of...

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