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brief 200-word essay on the documents answering these two questions.  1) how do these documents inform our understanding of the slavery debate
 2) how would you use these documents to explain what the cause of the civil war was.

Missouri Compromise 1820
- prohibit slavery in certain territories
- territory north of 36 degrees 30 minutes north latitude – no slavery
- any slave escaping to these territories may be reclaimed

Wilmot Proviso 1846
- any land acquisitioned from the Republic of Mexico – no slavery

Fugitive Slave Acts 1850
- housing slaves constituted fine + prison sentence of 6 months
- no personal testimony of slaves in court- only thing that could be presented was proof of ownership
- judge gets bonus if siding with slave holder
- Negro writings like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” make ...view middle of the document...

- Call on people to come to the rescue of the country from the domination of slavery

Charles Sumner “the crime against Kansas”
- rape of virgin territory – compelling hateful embrace of slavery
- longing for new slave state – add to the power of slavery in the national government
- horrors intensifying feud not in distant territory but whole nation – no longer local but national
- yawns with the mutterings of civil war – hostile divisions within nation
- madness for slavery which disregards the constitution, laws – great examples of our history
- use of men in high places to promote slavery
- asserted rights of slavery cloaked by fantastic claim of equality

Dred Scott v. Sandford 1857
- think of slaves as not citizens – not included in constitution
- making slaves citizens would produce discontent and endanger peace and safety of state
- rights of property protected by fifth amendment – slaves are property

Abraham Lincoln “A house Divided’: Speech at Springfield, Illinois” June 16 1858
- slavery supposed to end- not ceased but has constantly augmented
- “A house divided against itself cannot stand”
- nation can not be half slave states half free states one must endure
- Nebraska bill – if one man chooses to enslave another, no third man shall be allowed to object
- Dred Scott decision- no slave or descendant can every be a citizen of the United States – deprived negro of the benefits of the constitution
- Neither congress nor territorial legislature can exclude slavery from a territory
- Decision over slavery is probably coming and will soon be upon us

Lincolns Peoria Speech October 16 1854
- attacks morality of slavery
- argues slaves are people not animals- possessed certain natural rights
- all men created equal- no moral right in connection with one man making a slave of another

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