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Civil Lawsuit Essay

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Civil Lawsuit

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Question One: Have you or any family member or close personal friend ever taken the drug before?

This question will be helpful in determining whether to keep or dismiss the potential juror from the jury pool since it would determine whether they have any history of using the drug manufactured by the defendant. The reason is that in some cases, individuals may have negative reactions from using particular drugs that contain certain elements in them of which they may be allergic to. At the same time, another family member or close personal friend of the individual may have also taken the drug and not once did it ...view middle of the document...

Question Four: This case involves a claim against the defendant for injuries suffered by the plaintiff as a result of apparent medical negligence. Do you have any existing opinions or strong feelings one way or another about this situation?

This question will also prove to be helpful in determining whether to keep or dismiss the potential juror from the jury. The reason is that the plaintiff failed to read the manual that the defendant ensured was available for all customers who purchased their products. As such, this negligence led to the plaintiff suffering the disease that led to him not having the chance to play his sport and also ruining his potential career.

Question Five: Regardless of the plaintiff’s current condition, if the evidence and law warranted, could you render a verdict in favor of the defendant despite being sympathetic to the plaintiff?

Lastly, this question will be helpful in determining whether to keep or dismiss the potential juror from the jury given the reason...

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