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City Of Lemon’s Police Department Natural Disaster Plans

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City of Lemon’s Police Department Natural Disaster Plans
Dennis Frost
Kaplan University Online

Plans for police departments vary from ones to deal with natural disasters to ones that deal with basic law-enforcement breaches. The three plans that most departments use to include the city of Lemon Police Department are the reactive plans which is used as a responsive to a crisis or a decision that was forced from outside influences. Contingency plans deal with policies and procedures. This type of plan was implemented somewhat when Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast on August 29, 2005.
The third type of plan is the strategic plans; this plan provides photographic based ...view middle of the document...

The reactive planning will also include asking the governor to declare a state of emergency in preparedness of the storm. This will help to expedite recovery funds for the city and the state from federal programs. This will also provide the state to activate the National Guard units and provide federal aid that is much needed in these situations (Bush, 2005), (Cordner, 2014).
The second type of plan that will be implemented prior to the storms arrival to our coast will be the contingency plan. This plan is implemented due to the city is aware of the catastrophic storm headed their way. The contingency plan will include when to make voluntary and mandatory evacuations. It takes seventy-two hours to completely evacuate the largest part of lemon city (Cordner, 2014), (Bush, 2005).
This means that voluntary evacuations should be set for Monday July 7, 2014 at six in the morning and be voluntary through Wednesday July 9, 2014 until six the morning. Mandatory evacuations should start at six o’clock in the morning on Wednesday July 9, 2014. The Lemon Police department and the City government of Lemon refuse to make the same mistakes made by certain city and federal government officials during Hurricane Katrina (Bush, 2005). Under the reactive plan put in place by lemon there is a sister police department further inland that has thirty officers ready to assist the police officers in lemon in any way that they possibly can. The City of Ale police department is ready and able to help after the storm has passed.
All the police plans were in place that could be implemented before and during the storm. Most of the main areas affected were successfully evacuated due to the plans that were in place. Resources such as city buses and trains helped in the evacuation and those that had no transportation were aided to these locations by way of city vehicles. The National Guard also helped in this process (Bush, 2005).
Much of the city of lemon was destroyed, street signs and city monuments gone. Buildings destroyed completely and there has been a confirmation of ten residents found dead. The city has gotten reports of many more missing. The city of lemon had a trailer park that was demolished in the storm named shady acres. Search of this mobile home park is necessary for possible more fatalities.
The last plan that is implemented by the city of Lemon’s police department is thee strategic plan. The reason for this plan to be implemented would be to show the goal which is to recover as many bodies as possible fatalities or injuries. The strategic plan would be used by the department and the Ale police department in order to search the mobile home park and other areas. The strategic plan would also include a resident only restriction to the areas hit by Hurricane Sprite. There would also be a curfew set by this strategic plan that no one other than authorized authorities is to be out after curfew.
The strategic plan would also help to set up shelters for...

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