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City Government Management Essay

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City government management
There has been a success in the business incubator in Leesburg. Because of this great success, the county government has decided to put one biz incubator in the South Lake County. With several cites available in the South Lake region, the county government is reviewing the most probable and potential site for location of the incubator. With the anticipation of building a 6000 to 10000 square foot building, once the site is found, construction will commence (Buck, 2011).
Because of the readily available and high concentration of manpower, South Lake therefore, provides an ideal location. Moreover, being in the central Florida, it is the most appropriate location for the incubator business. With the highest percentage of South Lake’s population being 20-54 years, it therefore, provides the best manpower because of their youthful nature and ability to work (Buck, 2011).
Literacy is an essential factor for the success of any business. To this ...view middle of the document...

These companies are required for job creation especially for the highly educated population of the county. The collaboration of businesses at the incubators with the business resources centers, more knowledge is given to start up companies. Moreover, in conjunction with the retired executives of service corps, experience is given to the trainees on the businesses they would wish to start (Buck, 2011).
Construction of the business incubator is an extremely vital thing for the citizens of Lake County. There are several learned people in the county, and there is a need for them to get employment within the County. With the construction, of this incubator, this aspect of employment will be achieved in the county. Citizens are the principal stakeholders in any given place; hence, providing employment to them will have brought empowerment.
The county government is usually elected by the citizens to the positions. With their election, the county government normally gives promises for the development of the county. Therefore, this construction of the incubator is the fulfillment of the promises given by the county government on development. The citizens will therefore, have confidence in the elected officials.
There are several educational institutions within the county. These educational institutions such as institutes and universities will have a central place where the students will gain experience on business aspects. Students studying business related courses will also have centers to internships after completing their courses in colleges. Moreover, graduates from colleges within the county will have a place to nature their dreams and talents. This is because the incubator will have tools and infrastructure to nature their various dreams.
It is therefore, a very important urban planning venture that the county has taken to build the incubator. With the chosen location, employment will be available to the skilled and educated workforce. The enormous population will be an added advantage for economic growth not only of the county but also of the entire country.
Buck, B. 2011. County Wants to Put Biz Incubator in South Lake. Retrieved on June 1, 2011.

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