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Citizenship Essay

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Citizenship Essay Citizenship is one's conduct as a citizen, the states of a citizen; his duties, rights and priveledges. Good citizenship could include being patriotic to your country, or just helping out in your community. When your country is a troubled time as our's is in now it is important to help as much as you can to get threw a hard time. Helping out in your community maybe being a mentor, doing some community service or jsut doin whatever you can to make it brighter environment.In order to become a citizen in the United States when you migrate from another country you will be required to take a citizenship test. These test are a little difficult and sometimes found to be hard to pass. You need to score a 60% on it to ...view middle of the document...

Another good example of being a good citizen is giving back to your community like in community service. Its always good to make your community look a lot better. It not only makes the people around you feel good about their surroundings but it makes you feel good about yourself also.There are many ways to show bad citizenship. Many people have found a way to abuse the system. The government pays them for whatever disability they claim to have and when they get the money its no longer put to good use but it goes to drugs. This is extremely wrong because we are the ones paying for this. Another thing that makes you a bad citizen is constantly breaking the laws. If you are always doin this you can hurt others and yourself. Some ways to break the law may include, litering, speeding, murder, and many more. It is important to stay true and try not to do anything wrong.In this society I believe we see more "citizens" than "victims". Your everyday person the you run into is gonna be the type of person thats willing to help out a stranger in need. There are many exceptions though. There are alot of people to that just dont care about everything but you think about your family and friends they all try their hardest to make a difference for others.We need citizens in this society in order to be successful. If there were people just running around the streets who didnt care about anyhting but themselves we wouldnt be able to accomplish anything as a community. We need the strength and encouragement of our community to get threw tough times like the ones we are in now. Without the help we are receiving right now from everyone in this counrty we would be falling apart.

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