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Citi Program Essay

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Question 1: Data are made anonymous by

Your answer:
Requiring all members of the research team to sign confidentiality agreements.
Correct Answer: Destroying all identifiers connected to the data.
Comment: Reporting data in aggregate form, while protecting the identity of subjects, does not make the data anonymous. Keeping keys in secure locations and requiring members of the research team to sign confidentiality agreements are methods for protecting identifiable information but they do not involve destroying all identifying information so that the link between identity and data is gone forever. The only way to render data entirely anonymous is to remove all identifying information ...view middle of the document...

Correct Answer: The researcher cannot control what participants repeat about others outside the group.
Comment: It is not possible for a researcher to promise confidentiality in a focus group setting. Participants may choose to repeat sensitive information outside the group setting even if they have signed confidentiality agreements. This is true even if the participants know each other. Using pseudonyms in the report does not remove concerns about what group members might say outside the group.
Points Earned: 1
Question 4: A researcher leaves a research file in her car while she attends a concert and her car is stolen. The file contains charts of aggregated numerical data from a research study with human subjects, but no other documents. The consent form said that no identifying information would be retained, and the researcher adhered to that component. Which of the following statements best characterizes what occurred?

Your answer:
There was both a violation of privacy and a breach of confidentiality.
Correct Answer: There was neither a violation of privacy nor a breach of confidentiality
Comment: The subjects’ privacy has not been violated because the identity of subjects was not included in the file. The confidentiality of the data has not been breached because the data could not be linked to identifiers. Therefore, the correct answer is that there was neither a violation of privacy nor a breach of confidentiality. The...

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