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Citi Bank Preformance Review System

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Citibank Performance Evaluation

Executive Summary

In this paper the discussion will be based on Citibank’s performance review process, James McGaran’s feedback for last year’s appraisal & approach to give that feedback, and my recommendations of changes in processes and procedures that I am recommending.
James McGaran has been employed by Citibank for the last eleven years and started as an Assistant Branch Manager and was promoted quickly through the ranks to Branch Manager. He has delivered exceptional results during his time as Branch Manager of one of the most important branches in the Los Angeles area.
In 1995 a decision was made to update the ...view middle of the document...

Facts and Observations used to support James ratings
In the area of Financial performance James’ rating was based on the fact that his branch exceeded revenue and margin by 10% and 16% respectively.
On Strategy Implementation the branch showed strong growth in all segments. Retail improved $2.4 million, business & professional grew $34.9 million.
Customer Satisfaction service scores were below the goal of 80, with second and third quarters showing a decline to 54 from first quarter. James did come up with a plan that showed improvement in the Customer Satisfaction score in the fourth quarter, but that is only one positive data point and data point is not a trend.
Controls in the branch were strong as evidence by the audit ratings of 5 on two audits. However the branch had operating losses and fraud losses of almost $138,000.
People Performance rating facts are James strength as evidenced by the minimal turnover in his branch. He is quick to help his peers with projects.
Standards is another strong area for James in that he hold himself to high performance standards, looks for ways to improve metrics, and is out in the community bringing visibility to Citibank.
These will be the fact reference as support for the ratings in James’ feedback session.
James’ feedback session for his 1996 review
The following is what would be said to James in his performance review for 1996.
James 1996 has been a good year for you and your branch at Citibank. In the area of financial performance on your review your rating is Above Par. The reasons for this rating are that both revenue and margin both exceeded goal by 10% and 16% respectively. The next area is strategy implementation and your rating was Above Par. Reasoning behind this rating was retail improved $2.4 million, business & professional grew $34.9 million. The area of customer satisfaction scores has been a concern in your branch all year, as they are not meeting the goal of 80%. In the 1st quarter the score was 66%, 2nd quarter the score was 63%, 3rd quarter hit a low of 54%. Now it appears once you saw that the trend was not changing that you developed a plan and took action that improve the score to 72% by year end. With only one positive data point your rating for this performance metric is Below Par. I understand in previous quarter review you have stated that some of the reasons for low scores were out of your control, but you developed a plan an executed scores changed. Also correcting things that are out of your control demonstrates the strength of your influencing skills. In the area of controls in your branch your rating is Par due to the losses of close $138,000 dollars. People are an area of your strength in your leadership skills. Your branch had minimal turn over and your meetings are regarded as well plan and effective. Your rating in this area is Above Par. Last Standards are an area that your performance is Above Par. James you hold you and...

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