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Cisco Systems, Inc.: Collaboration On New Product Introduction

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Literature review :
KOLLAT, ENGEL, & BLACKWEL, (1970) investigated the Current Problems in Consumer Behavior. In this study they compared the history of most disciplines; the studied of consumer behavior in its infancy, dating back less than 50 years. Moreover, a significant percentage of their research had occurred during the last decade.
Brosekhan & Velayutham examined the Consumer Buying Behaviour. They found that consumer has become essentail. Consumers are the kings of markets. Without consumers no business organization can run. All the activities of the business concerns end with consumers and consumer satisfaction.
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They also found that major reasons for this decline can be the global recession, internal security concerns, the high cost of production due to increased in the energy costs etc. They suggested that purchasing new machinery or enhancing the quality of the existing machinery and introducing new technology can also be very useful in increasing the research & development (R & D) related activities that in the modern era are very important for increasing the industrial growth of a country.
Ahmed, (2011) investigated the Growth Trends of Pakistan Textile Industry. She found that Pakistan’s textile industry is a major contributor to the national economy in terms of exports and employment. Pakistan holds the distinction of being the world’s 4th largest producer of cotton as well as the 3rd largest consumer in the world. On the other hand, she also found that it faced tough competition in the international market due to increased in cost of production, which made it less competitive than the neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh & China.
Siddique, Shaheen, Akbar, Malik, & Asif, (2012) examined the Textile Sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. They analyzed the Textile Sector in the country and its potential of productivity and investment and more specifically the capacity to generate revenue for the Government of Pakistan in the form of Taxes. They also highlight the economic effects of the textile industry in the country as a whole. They found that Pakistan textile industry had faced toughest periods in decades and also double digit inflation and high cost of financing had seriously affected the growth in the textile industry.
REESE, LOEW, & STEFFGEN, (2013) examined that social norms enhance pro-environmental behavior in Hotels. They analyzed hotel guest’s towel-used during their stay, they also studied tests whether messages employing provincial norms...

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