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Cisco Risk Essay

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A Case Study Report On Cisco Systems Risk Strategies

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1. Introduction ............................................................. 4 1. Executive summary .............................................. 4 2. Issue identification .................................................. 5 1. Challenge & Issues ............................................... 5 3. Alternatives & Options: .......................................... 6 4. Recommendations ................................................... 9 5. Implementation of strategies & results: ...view middle of the document...

1. Executive summary

This Case Study documents a presentation made at Gartner's Security and Risk Management Summit conference in 2010 on how Cisco manages the risks associated with supply chain disruptions. Gartner assesses Cisco's supply chain resiliency program as one of the better-executed programs we have seen, and recommends other clients study it to understand how they might "derisk" their own supply chains. Key Findings • A product-centric approach provides more business value than an incident-centric approach to risk assessment for most businesses. • Transparency is critical to both internal and external support for supply chain resiliency. • Objective metrics contribute to transparency. As with any significant business endeavor, senior management support is critical to success. When senior managers care, everyone cares.


Issue identification

Supply chain risk management (SCRM) is a critical discipline within business continuity management (BCM) that many companies, particularly manufacturing firms, fail to perform well. This Case Study (which Cisco presented at Gartner's Security and Risk Management Summit conference in June 2010) highlights the tools, policies and practices that Cisco has implemented to support its SCRM process. Gartner believes it is these investments that make Cisco's SCRM system among the most evolved in the field. 1. Challenge & Issues

Cisco's business model is complicated, relying extensively on outsourced manufacturing for more than 95% of the >12,000 products it delivers, most of which are configure-to-order. Cisco sells to a broad range of customers from the private and public sector, and as Cisco expands its Presence in the consumer sector (with products such as the Linksys line), it is seeing a growing presence of make-to-stock products. The company's growth strategy includes being highly acquisitive. It has made more than 140 acquisitions since its founding and is presently making three to four acquisitions per quarter. In general, Cisco migrates the supply chain — including manufacturing — to the outsourced/contract manufacturing model, but it has retained some manufacturing of acquired businesses, at least in the interim. Cisco implements lean practices throughout the business, including its supply chain operations, and is focused on customer value delivered with minimal waste in its systems and processes. While operating and growing its business in this environment, Cisco has had to balance a number of conflicting objectives which are the ROOT CAUSES for these issues: Available versus lean: Lean behavior dictates low inventories based on pull (requiring assembly time), yet customers want product with no lead times (especially an issue if demand surges). Standardization versus differentiation: Lean promotes standardization to minimize variation and improve quality, but too much standardization can eliminate product differentiation.

Redundant versus affordable: Redundancy can...

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