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Cisco Lab Configure Switch Management

1913 words - 8 pages

Lab - Configuring a Switch Management Address
* Topology

Addressing Table
Device | Interface | IP Address | Subnet Mask | Default Gateway |
S1 | VLAN 1 | | | N/A |
PC-A | NIC | | | N/A |
Part 1: Configure a Basic Network Device
Cable the network as shown in the topology.
Configure basic switch settings including hostname, management address, and Telnet access.
Configure an IP address on the PC.
Part 2: Verify and Test Network Connectivity
Display device configuration.
Test end-to-end connectivity with ping.
Test remote management capability with Telnet.
Save the switch running configuration file.
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Cable the network.
Cable the network as shown in the topology.
Establish a console connection to the switch from PC-A.
Configure basic switch settings.
In this step, you will configure basic switch settings, such as hostname and configuring an IP address for the SVI. Assigning an IP address on the switch is only the first step. As the network administrator, you must specify how the switch will be managed. Telnet and Secure Shell (SSH) are two of the most common management methods; however, Telnet is a very insecure protocol. All information flowing between the two devices is sent in plain text. Passwords and other sensitive information can be easily looked at if captured by a packet sniffer.
Assuming the switch had no configuration file stored in nonvolatile random-access memory (NVRAM), you will be at the user EXEC mode prompt on the switch with a prompt of Switch>. Enter privileged EXEC mode.
Switch> enable
Verify a clean configuration file with the show running-config privileged EXEC command. If a configuration file was previously saved, it will have to be removed. Depending on the switch model and IOS version, your configuration may look slightly different. However, there should be no configured passwords or IP address set. If your switch does not have a default configuration, ask your instructor for help.
Enter global configuration mode and assign the switch hostname.
Switch# configure terminal
Switch(config)# hostname S1
Configure the switch password access.
S1(config)# enable secret class
Prevent unwanted Domain Name System (DNS) lookups.
S1(config)# no ip domain-lookup
Configure a login message-of-the-day (MOTD) banner.
S1(config)# banner motd #
Enter Text message. End with the character ‘#’.
Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited. #
Verify your access setting by moving between modes.
S1(config)# exit
S1# exit
Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.
What shortcut keys are used to go directly from global configuration mode to privileged EXEC mode?
Return to privileged EXEC mode from user EXEC mode.
S1> enable
Password: class
Note: Password will not show up on screen when entering.
Enter global configuration mode to set the SVI IP address to allow remote switch management.
S1# config t
S1#(config)# interface vlan 1
S1(config-if)# ip address
S1(config-if)# no shut
S1(config-if)# exit
Restrict console port access. The default configuration is to allow all console connections with no password needed.
S1(config)# line con 0
S1(config-line)# password cisco
S1(config-line)# login
S1(config-line)# exit
Configure the virtual terminal (VTY) line for the switch to allow Telnet access. If you do not configure a VTY password, you will not be able to Telnet to the switch.
S1(config)# line vty...

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