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Cis 505 Assignment 2

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Why the fifth point, “Meet information requirements of management”, is in the CIO’s list
“Society is bombarded with data”( Scams & Fraud, 2012). Often so much information is received and as a result we feel overloaded! There's e-mail, web processing, instant messaging, voice mails, and a myriad of other means of communication that are constantly streamed to us daily. Dealing with the organization and management of information can be frustrating and make us want to pull our hair out, but nonetheless, it must be given serious attention. Businesses are driven by data, and the information derived from data is an extremely valuable asset in today's environment and most organizations are ...view middle of the document...

Software applications have revolutionized the way data is sorted, collected, stored and analyzed. Managerial understanding of how these programs can increase the value in a business is critical in order to remain viable in any competitive industry. Another benefit to this is that it gives the organization a shared knowledge base, something that was absent when workings off have filed papers. “A management information system (MIS) is a computerized database of financial information organized and programmed in such a way that it produces regular reports on operations for every level of management in a company”(INC,2006 )Information systems are implemented to manage data and turn it into something valuable - knowledge. A word of caution - computerized information management is only useful if strategically implemented. Misinterpreting the benefits of this will result in poor organization of information. If the latest technology is put into place without being in sync with organizational needs, it will be useless and this form of information management will create more liabilities than benefits. While the technical aspects are significant, what's more important is being able to correctly identify mission objectives and properly assess what is entailed in task processing. When this is sufficiently analyzed, it's easier to put together information systems that can reflect and meet the needs of the company. An organization that is effectively is able to generate knowledge from data to and turn it into valuable information is well on its way. Information today is driving society. Finding the solution to successfully managing it, however, is the gateway to unlimited potential.

Imagine only three (3) points are to be rolled out in the first phase. Evaluate each point to determine the most important three (3) for the initial rollout phase.

1.Providing computing capability to all organizational units that legitimately require it.
It means to make all the computers extremely fast, accurate and reliable.
Can handle large volumes of repetitive tasks.
Can store large amounts of information and can recall instantly.
Can communicate with its operators and with other machines. It is capable of interactive processing in which the user is put in direct communications with machine.

2.Contain the capital and operations cost in provision of computing services within the organization.
Make sure you have a good understanding of all operating expenses associated with the operation of income producing properties.  The On Target investment analysis software can help you assess the impact of operating expenses on an investment property’s income and cash flow.  It provides comprehensive income and expense analysis to assist with the purchase of income producing properties and presentation quality reports to help with the sale.

3.Satisfy special computing needs of user departments.
Ask yourself what you need for a computer. What is the main function of...

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