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Cis 210 – Systems Analysis And Development Website Migration Term Paper

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Website Migration Project
Chinnasut Nhurod
CIS 210 – Systems Analysis and Development
Dr. Wesley E. Phillips
Strayer University
September 15, 2013

Website Migration Project for Tony’s Chips

Building the Web Architecture
In order to build the web architecture, the system analyst would be required to analyse the business requirements of the organization and then develop a clear statement of goals of the organization. Since, the old site of the company is running it would be vital to understand the technological and business related issues associated with the previous website. Along, with that it should also be determined whether the IT staffs of the company possesses necessary ...view middle of the document...

It would be ideal to make this migration in the middles of the night for minimizing the inconvenience. Following are the steps which would be adopted by the company to minimize the downtime during migration.
* DNS Preparation: Before beginning the process of migration the company would assure that the TTL is set to an hour for all the DNS records. This step would be taken 48 hours before the migration begins. During this process the company will ensure that when the migration is complete the IP address, the switch and the website data in the DNS records will get to the new location swiftly.
* Inventory Collection: The Company will ensure that its web directory and the database are moved efficiently. Along, with that the company will also create a list of all the items that are required to be moved from the old website to the new websites. This could include special server setups for the website. In case there are any cron jobs running a new server would be required on the new location.
* Displaying a Sorry Note: The company will develop a small page with the site logo on it, and it will display a note “Sorry for the interruption but we are moving to a new server to enhance customer experience. We will be back online soon”. This page would be placed in-front of the web directory and none of the visitors would be able to any other pages of the website (McCann, & Rooney,). Keeping the visitors away for the website will ensure zero percent data loss.
* Database Movement: Now, after blocking the access to the website that database will be sitting idle, now it will be safe to move the database without losing anyone’s comments, posts, and changes. Once all these are moved the next step would be to get the new server to point towards the right web files, and whole database will be transferred to the new server.
* Setting up cron and e-mail: Since all the e-mails of the company goes through an account present over the server the company will be required to have additional setups on the new server.
* Bringing the website back online: Once the site is successfully migrated from one host to another the next step is to swap the IP address in the DNS with the IP of the new server. This step will ensure that the site comes up promptly and efficiently.
* Restoration of longer TTLs: A day after the migration the company will ensure that the TTL in the DNS records is changed back to what it was before, because it can create unnecessary burden over the website if not changed on time. All of these steps will enable the company to migrate its website to the new location with minimal downtime without experiencing any issues.

Disaster Recovery Solution for the Website
In case there is any emergency during the migration phase the company would require to overcome that issue immediately for that purpose the company would require a disaster recovery plan for their website. The disaster recovery plan that would be...

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