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Cis 210 Input Controls Essay

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Input Controls

Input control includes the necessary measures to ensure that input data is correct,

complete, and secure (Rosenblatt & Shelly, 2012). It is ultimately important that during the user

interface design or input design stage to focus on input control, which will start with source

documents that will promote data accuracy and quality. Therefore, the main objective of input

design is that we ensure the quality, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of input data

happens during its conversion from its original source into computer data or it is entered into a

computer application. Input controls could also be considered fail-safes, which ensure that data is

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For example, it the text box was designed or programmed to accept alphabetic letters and a

user inputs a number, this can result in a data integrity error.

Our next input control is the drop-down list box, which was mentioned previously. A

drop-down list box displays the current selection; when the user clicks the arrow, a list of the

available choices displays (Rosenblatt & Shelly, 2012). It is beneficial to use this type of control

when there are a specific number of choices for the user to select. A good example of a drop-

down list is when a user is filling out a form, and then they come to where they are asked the

question to which state is there current residency. As we know, there are fifty to choose from and

that these are the only options that can be selected to answer this question. In this example, if this

input control was not put in place, then many things could go wrong, such as they could enter a

multitude of data that does not belong in this block that does not have nothing to do with the

question being asked, resulting in data integrity error.

Using validation controls or it could also be called validation rules, will help reduce the

amount or number of input errors, thus improving data quality. To be able to identify and correct

errors before a user enters them into the system is why we want to use validation controls. There

are at least eight different types of data validation rules. An example is a data type check, in

which it tests the field to make sure the data fits the required type, such as a numeric field will

have only numbers and the same goes for an alphabetic field that contains only the characters A

through Z. Another example is a reasonableness check, which would identify values that might

be questionable, but not wrong. An example of this could be that the input values of $.06 and

$600,000.00 that would pass a limit check for a payment value greater than zero, but both values

could also be errors. If the data was is not validated correctly, then incorrect information can be

transmitted to another system that validates it in a different way, thus creating a possible data

integrity error between he two systems.

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