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Cis 115 Week 1 Lab Essay

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Week 1 iLab for Rebecca L Bean

TCO 1: Given a simple problem, design and desk-check a solution that is expressed in terms of pseudocode, flowchart, and/or input-process-output (IPO) diagrams.

This exercise will cover the steps used to create a solution. You will use variable lists, IPO charts, pseudocode, flowcharts, and desk-checking.


Point distribution for this activity:
Lab Activity |
Document | Points possible | Points received |
Part 1 | 10 | |
Part 2 | 10 | |
Part 3 | 10 | |
Part 4 | 10 | |
Part 5 | 10 | |
Total points | 50 | |


You have an idea for a restaurant tip ...view middle of the document...

It would not be “wrong” to do so, but these are not usually helpful as a design document. A programmer looking at the IPO table will primarily be concerned with outputs that involve variable expressions. (2) Your instructor does not require you to express the full logic details of your processes in the Process section of the IPO table. A descriptive, unambiguous phrase will suffice. A programmer using this as a guide can easily look at your flowchart, pseudocode, or actual code to see the details of a calculation. If a calculation is particularly complex or hard to follow, you may add some additional brief, explanatory comments. (3) Do not forget that input variables may also appear as output variables as well, as salesPrice does in this exampe. Be sure to list the variable as both an input AND output in this situation
(3) Pseudocode
Describe your solution using pseudocode. Use the same valid variable names you selected in Step 1.

decimal  CheckAmount
output "check amount? "
input  CheckAmount
decimal TaxRate
output “Tax Rate?”
input TaxRate
decimal TipPercentage
output “Tip Percentage
input TipPercentage
decimal TaxAmount
Let TaxAmount=CheckAmout*TaxRate
decimal TipAmount=CheckAmount*TipPercentage
decimal TotalAmount=CheckAmount+TipAmount+TaxAmount
output "Check amount = " & CheckAmount
output "Tax amount = " & TaxAmount
output "Tip amount = " & TipAmount
output "Total amount = " & TotalAmount


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