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Cis 115 Treatment Programs Essay

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Juvenile Delinquent Treatment Programs

Mountain State University


What treatment program works best for rehabilitating youth delinquents? The aim of this

paper will be to review various treatments, their impact, and make recommendations for

rehabilitation treatments and areas for future research.

Juvenile Delinquent Treatment Programs

Juvenile crime can alter the life of the victim and the offender forever. Many
People disagree on how to handle crimes committed by youth offenders. Should they be treated
as an adult or a child? What should be the consequences of the crime? ...view middle of the document...

According to Einstein Law (2008), the most effective programs are education, recreation, community involvement, prenatal and infancy home visitation by nurses, parent-child interaction training program, bullying prevention, prevention programs within the juvenile justice system, Nebraska correctional youth facility, ending repeat offences and functional family therapy.
“Most effective youthful offender programs include in-depth evaluation, screening and
assessment; daily scheduling; point system discipline; positive behavioral support therapy; and education, including literacy, GED preparation and computer literacy” (Hess, 2004, p. 359).
According to the University of Pittsburgh (n.d.), “Multisystemic Therapy has shown promise as a cost-effective strategy for decreasing the number of incarcerated offenders while reducing their antisocial behavior, and it is the only treatment to demonstrate short-term and long-term efficacy with chronic, serious, and violent juvenile offenders” (p. 3). Multisystemic Therapy interventions are child focused, family centered, and directed toward solving multiple problems across the numerous contexts in which youths are embedded and interventions are tailored towards specific needs (n.d.).
In theory, many people think that if someone commits a crime one time that is the best
time to try a rehabilitation program in order to reduce further crime in life. However, research shows that 70% of youths who are arrested once, are never arrested again (Hess, p. 399). Therefore, based on the facts, the money available for prevention programs should target repeat offenders not first time offenders.
Ineffective Programs
Juvenile treatment programs that have had the least success and proven to be ineffective are scare tactics, juvenile boot camp, and scared straight programs (Einstein Law, 2008). While these treatment programs goal was to ensure juveniles knew that crime would not be tolerated and organized to install fear there was no correlation with decreasing crime. In fact, according to Hess (2004) youth that had been placed in the adult system actually had a higher recidivism rate than similar juveniles placed in juvenile detention facilities. Juveniles placed in adult...

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